Saturday, January 16, 2010

Administrating Fascism

I am concerned about the increasing use of authority by the University of Oregon...

But lets contextualize this, the Eugene Police Department defended two of its own, when they were sexually raping and abusing women. The Officer, Maganya, would demand sexual favors or give out traffic fines.

In 2007, Ian VanOrnum, was electrocuted, twice, while laying face down on the ground.

in 2009, a Chinese student was tazed by an officer, in his own home. Because the officer shouted orders, the Chinese student didn't understand, as a immersion student.

Now flash back to the University. The Pacifica forum holds a meeting on the 'National Socialist Movement' (The new name of the American Nazi Party) in january, two uniformed DPS (Department of Public Safety- campus cops) officers lurk the background. After the event one officer remarked "at least I got paid to be here".

One month later, Pacifica forum responds to it's own hatefulness, reveals that it is deeply prejudiced. There were 2 plainclothes officers in the crowd. Later 4 uniformed DPS officers.

One week later, Pacifica Forum hosts a presentation on the Swastika, 4 EPD (Eugene Police Department -city cops) and one Sergeant.

The campus seemingly escalated from two unarmed observers to armed, trigger happy hired guns in two months. I question this escalation and its necessity, I say this is far to extreme. It was escalated as a result of the protesters, not the presenters. The students are being targeted! The people literally standing for justice, against nazis are surrounded by thugs with guns. Despicable.

The campus administration authorized this rapid increase of force, escalating the protests into a police-state. That is, worth more investigation and reprehension.


Anonymous said...

It's also a great reason for us to come out in force like this EVERY week. Putting on the kind of show we saw yesterday costs the admin time, and HUGE amounts of money. I also heard that the people who work in Agate Hall were all allowed to go home for the day.

If this is how the UO reacts to 300 protesters, we need to show up 300 strong every week. This is how we will force the administration to kick this group off campus: Financial burden. They simply cannot dump this kind of cash and time and resources into the forum WEEK after WEEK after WEEK. All it costs each of us as an individual is a few hours of our time... But every week we'll be costing the University thousands of dollars in salaries and lost work time. They won't let it go on forever, and as we protesters are doing nothing illegal, they'll eventually be forced to get rid of the Forum when they can no longer support the cost of keeping 300 angry tuition paying students safe from retribution from Marr and his kind.

Good job, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps some good news!

"administrators are rethinking the school's policy on providing meeting space after another controversial event at the Pacifica Forum"- from UO website

Anonymous said...

ANYBODY see the documentary, "Berkley in the 60s" ?
Protestor-students carried signs, "Free Speech" & "Police State". Now these college grads have all grown up,
call themselves 'Establishment' and their kids continue their legacy. Except for one thing ......
This time it is they who silence opposition; use organized intimidation, 'tag' people for unacceptable thoughts or beliefs. And it's all under the guise of hate speech, hate group or hate criminal. It's official & documented through established non-profits. Just thinking UofO students would like to know how HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF.

Anonymous said...

That is laughable! Nobody is being silenced, but the protesters at the G-20, RNC/DNC and in Copenhagen. Nobody is saying pacifica forum cant meet, what we are saying is that their presence ON CAMPUS is a dangerous presence for the students.

They have threatened many groups, religious, ethnic and gendered. Their presence can move off campus, to offer a degree of safety to the students. Also the students marching are using their free speech, which has greater support and is louder than the free speech of the other group as we ask them to leave. We are not using force of arms, whereas the campus is now incorporating the element of guns and tazers into this 'free speech debate'.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Agreed: The "Berkely in the 60's" comment is rediculous. We aren't silencing your free speech. We just don't want you to get campus space for free when you are clearly a non-campus entity.

The Forum's defenders MUST understand this distinction... I think you're just willfully ignoring it, because the "Oh noes, you're trying to silence our right to free speech!" line is the ONLY leg you have to stand on.

DC (You ARE DC, right?) you're being deceptive again. I, personally, do NOT want to pay to have your talks on my campus unless you are paying to use the space. (I believe the Walnut room rents out for $50, or something like that.) Period.
This has nothing to do with free speech. Stop trying to change the conversation. It is DECEPTIVE and it is this kind of active deception that is HELPING those of us who oppose you to mobalize our fellow students against you.

Anonymous said...

So Etter, a prof at the university is a non-campus entity?

Anyone affiliated with the university can reserve a room. How is this any different? If you disallow Etter to reserve a room you set a precedent that could disallow students to reserve rooms based on the content of their meetings.

The fact that SI openly endorses groups with dubious ties to envioronmental terrorists should give your group pause before allowing administrative oversight on student's ability to assemble.

Are you really so willfully ignorant that you don't believe someone else could use the avenues you open to silence your own opinions?

Michael Williams said...

I'm not sure where you get your information. Etter is not a professor at UPO. He is a retired associate professor (of Civic Administration or something like that), and as an emeritus gets access to UO facilities that active professors do not have. Among other things, professors need approval of their depratment head for free access to University resources. This provides a level of academic accountablity that is missing from Etter's Pacifica Forum operation.

No policy grants emeritus professors this exceptional access. This is a result of ambiguity and practice, not written policy. Restoring accoutability and responsiblity should not endanger anyone's rights.

Concerning the EMU, that is the students' place, and students should have the say over its use, who is invited to share that space with them.

Anonymous said...

But you're asking to restore accountability over concerns of content, which absolutely endangers the rights of said group.

And as a student I wholly welcome PF and their vile views because not being exposed to the fact that people like this exist is far more damaging than any sway their inane opinions may hold. And, as a student, I wholly do not welcome a bunch of children screaming and stomping their feet because someone is doing something they don't like. Seriously, one of the protesters yelled "fuck free speech and fuck you." How is that intelligent, reasoned, persuasive or even half-way mature? You protesters should be ashamed of yourselves for letting strong emotions sway your judgment (which ironically is how white supremacy flourishes)

And ya know what? I'm sure Etter would be happy to plunk down the $50 a week required to rent the room especially since he'd be paying with his retirement fund from UO. So what then? More yelling and screaming like an entitled toddler?

Just ignore them like everyone else on campus. Let them have their little anti-semite circle jerk, or act like an adult by showing up to the meeting, being quiet while you wait for your turn to talk, then voice your disagreement in a focused, on-topic, rationale manner just like this school teaches you to do.

But hey, then you wouldn't get to wear a bandana, yell at people, and you'd have to write more than 4 huge words on poster board. And that sounds hard.

The Student Insurgent said...

Or we can ignore that there have been personal injuries, harassment and threats. We can ignore the rise of hate, we can ignore the safety concerns of students and community. We can stay silent... see if that slows their growth, see if that ends hate speech. The alternative. We can confront them, with words and policy.

Their presence and their actions have made campus an unsafe environment.

Anonymous said...

"There have been personal injuries, harassment and threats" - 'personal injuries', huh? Any evidence? Anyone being charged? Your allegation is so vague it could mean almost anything, but in the context it is supposed to make the reader think Pacifica Forum people are violent criminals. There have been more harassment and threats from anti-fascists in the last year in Oregon than from fascists.

Anonymous said...

"Nobody is being silenced, but the protesters at the G-20, RNC/DNC and in Copenhagen". At the recent conference on the climate in Copenhagen, police attacked protesters, protesters attacked police, and both police and protesters attacked people skeptical of global warming. Left-wing protestors shouted down sceptics, and one sceptic was assaulted by the police. Anarchism is the new Stalinism.