Sunday, January 24, 2010

Know what you are supporting when you buy

It is important to realize every purchase you make is a political statement. Huge corporations have the money to control our "democracy." Voting has transformed from the occasional trip to the ballot booth to the weekly trip to the store. The corporations are all probably pretty terrible, but the least you can do is pick the ones that aren't directly in opposition to your beliefs. In August we discovered that Whole Foods CEO is anti-healthcare reform  and in 2000 Kraft-Nabisco became a part of  the cigarette giant Philip Morris. Recently we discovered in addition to killing local coffee places, Starbucks is supporting anti-marijuana legislation.


According to a recent report in The Denver Post, state and federal law enforcement officials have been meddling in Colorado's legislative process in hopes of rolling back the state's progress toward safer, more rational marijuana laws. As a result, bills are being introduced on their behalf, which threaten to shut down every medical marijuana dispensary in the state and allow these officials to continue harassing medical marijuana patients.
We wish this weren't the case, but these law enforcement officials are not motivated by maintaining public safety or developing a workable system of medical marijuana regulation. They are motivated by one thing -- job security. Perhaps even more unsettling is the source of the financial support behind the arrest and prosecution industry's war on marijuana. 
In particular, the Colorado Drug Investigators Association (CDIA), the group spearheading anti-marijuana lobbying efforts, is sponsored by several local (Denver) and national businesses including Starbucks Coffee, Glock handguns, and -- you guessed it -- members of the alcohol industry! These guys are not out to protect people; they're out to fight a literal war on marijuana, ensuring alcohol -- the substance that contributes most to the crime and violence that keeps them busy -- is the only legal recreational drug available.

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