Friday, January 8, 2010

The Pacifica Forum is Full of Terrible People

Regular Forum attendees for the most part seem to have no idea what they are talking about. This lady showed us that the Sieg Heil is just a hand sign and couldn't think of any reason why this could be understood as offensive. [editor's edit: Posted below are comments that call into question the accuracy of this caption. What is still known at this point is this person was highly abrasive and offensive during the rest of the meeting.]

Katie, a UO senior, is surrounded by several of her supporters as she tried to explain to Valdas Anelauskas that rape is not a trivial matter. Pacifica Forum speaker, Anelauskas had previously described a local member of the community as "too ugly to rape."

Katie was just one of many who came out to demonstrate against the hateful ideas promoted through the Pacifica Forum. In addition to trivializing rape, members of the forum also regularly express various anti-Semitic, racist and homophobic ideas.

Members generally have no idea what they are talking about. 

Other protesters in attendance accused Anelauskas and the Pacifica Forum as a whole of being neo-Nazis. Anelauskas denied this allegation, but why argue semantics, whether he adopts the name or not he is still a terrible person.
The Eugene Anarchist group The Black Tea Society hosted a demonstration during a session held by the Pacifica Forum. Protesters (who outnumbered supporters) held signs protesting the hateful agenda promoted by the group. 

UO policy allows ex-professors to rent rooms for community events. When Etter originally founded the group in 1994 it had a left leaning bias, but perhaps as Orval lost his hearing he stopped understanding the hateful ideas that are now being promoted at a forum originally started to "provide information and points of view" on "war and peace, militarism and pacifism, violence and non-violence."

The forum today was a cluster fuck. Regular attendees of the Pacifica Forum were feeding off the high emotions in the room and didn't seem to care what was said. Like misbehaving children they just seemed happy to be getting some attention.

Luckily for us, the spotlight on the group brought by the Black Tea Society caught ASUO President Emma Callaway's eye. During the meeting she asked that Forum meet someplace else because the student union is supposed to be a place where all students feel welcome.

The general consensus of the room was that the Pacifica Forum's hateful message is not welcome at the University of Oregon.

Please contact UO President Richard Lariviere and let him no you do not support the Pacifica Forum's free access to our campus.

(541)346-3036 or

For more information visit:

We also recommend filing a report with the Bias Response Team, a department of Student Life that collects information on and addresses acts of bias at UO. They may or may not be able to do anything about PF, but in any case it's worth it to have as many reports on record as possible. Online forms are here:


Ronan said...

You can also file a report with the Bias Response Team, a department of Student Life that collects information on and addresses acts of bias at UO. They may or may not be able to do anything about PF, but in any case it's worth it to have as many reports on record as possible. Online forms are here:

dc said...

This post is inaccurate. That is a photo of me and the text does not describe what I was doing or saying.

My telling was intended to clarify the context of how that salute was used in the December 11th Forum.

Missing from all the media-hoopla about that Dec Forum, is the FACT that when the speaker used it, he first explained in detail, his observation that the La Raza and other groups were actively using it without generating outrage at the event he was reporting on.. I was simply demonstrating the gesture the PF speaker held as he said you know this ..."This, that's forbidden to white people"..

Folks who have a knee jerk reaction (unf., the majority) to the FACT that it was used at the Forum, should at least be offered the fuller story/truth/context.

dc said...

Please if you have decided to censor my comment by refusing to post it, at least incorporate an ammendment to the caption of the picture of me.

Of course I will be bringing copies of my first comment and this 'addendum'/comment to my meeting with Pres. Lariviere.

Yes, even the accused get a fair shake/equal time, at UO!

Anonymous said...

The "Heil" saluting "lady" is Dawn Coslow, a PF enthusiast who has made the transit from Iraq invasion protester (see RG, Letters, 24 November 2006) via Holocaust-denial to neo-Nazi. The underlying theme is anti-Zionism, compounded by a gob-smacking inability to grasp simple distinctions.

Anonymous said...

I stopped at the Post Office on my way home from work and stumbled upon this event. I went in and was standing next to two smirking photographers as they took the pictures of the woman showing the fascist salute.

A couple of young fellows who said they helped organized the protest were watching this and giggling like schoolgirls as the pictures were taken and talked to the photographers after the pictures were taken.

The caption is inaccurate, as dc said.

I knew this was how the pictures would be used, but I'm surprised to see it here.

Anonymous said...

I was at the event, and tbqh Dawn Coslo's a liar. She accompanied the salute with words to the effect of "I don't see what's wrong with this." She did it to get a rise out of people, which is as far as I can tell why this ragtag bunch of fascists does anything. Good luck with LaRiviere though, I'm sure he'll take very kindly to a hate speech group that tried to pass itself off as university affiliated by putting a picture of Puddles on its website.

Anonymous said...

Your caption is still inaccurate. I didn't see "dc" be offensive or abbrasive in any way. I saw her ask protesters not to disrupt.

I have nothing to do with Pacifica Forum or anything else on campus. I just stopped at the Post Office to pick up my mail and saw this going on.

Anonymous said...

As a demonstrator who happened to receive an email and arrive on Friday, I see the caption as accurate. Abrasive and offensive are subjective observations.

Anonymous said...

If you think anything she did was "abbrasive and offensive", you're not temperamentally suited to be a protester. Do you think the heckling done by protesters was "abbrasive"?

Anonymous said...

Don't try to change the subject. We are talking about her, not the protesters. I don't believe anyone said the protestors sat quietly while they listened to hate speech.

Anonymous said...

I'm talking about the photograph and the inaccurate caption. I saw her tell hecklers that she would ask them to leave if they kept disrupting and I saw her speaking as the photograph was taken.

Don't just say it's your subjective opinion. If you think she was "offensive and abbrasive", tell exactly what she did.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed it's difficult to listen when your mouth is wide open. Likewise, it's equally difficult to learn when your not listening.

Had the protesters not rudely drowned out those individuals attempting to ask genuine questions about a controversial group in their community, protesters might have learned that Pacifica Forum is an open forum where anyone can speak freely. One's status as a member of the Pacifica Forum begins when the meeting starts and ends with the close of that same meeting.

By attending last Friday, the protesters were ironically, well, protesting their own presence.

Anonymous said...

To respond to the anonymous commenter around 2:30, an open forum where anyone can speak freely? As the protesters chanted, bullshit. Jimmy Marr made a point of shouting down or whining at people asking legitimate and polite questions. Apparently Katie Hulse is a whiner, at least if you listen to the kilt-wearing fascist. Anelauskas refused to listen to reason when asked about his views on Jews. Dawn Coslo refused to accept that the Hitler salute might be at all offensive. There was no interest in opposing viewpoints. It was all about being controversial for the sake of being controversial. There was not even the slightest hint of pretense there; Pacifica Forum exists to intimidate people on the basis of creed, skin color, political affiliation or sexual orientation. Controversy is great. Real-life trolling is not.

Anonymous said...

Once again, I watched the photographers take the pioture. I saw the look on their faces. I saw them laughing about it with a couple of protesters. It was obvious what they had in mind. The picture is intentionally misleading and the caption is a lie.

Anonymous said...

must we always argue about leftovers?

Anonymous said...

Anyway...I'm not defending Pacifica Forum. I really don't understand them. They had a kilt-wearing Nazi weirdo with cartoonish facial hair, and the Lithuianian anti-Semite with a grim past. He said his father spent ten years in a prison camp. Not surprising if his father shared his opinions.

The reality of the Pacifica Forum is bad enough. No need to punch it up.

I-was-there said...

I agree that protestors should allow time and quietude for people to speak. Then either cheer or jeer.

The real issue is, If Pacifica Forum doesn't exist between meetings, who schedules this stuff? Who puts up their fliers? Who writes their lines? Who is behind the curtain?

But seriously, if we are all members between 3:00 and 4:30, maybe Friday we can vote to dissolve and disband and not meet again until hell freeezes over.

Anonymous said...

Wait, DC says she has a meeting with the president.

Does that mean that the University is finally moving in on this? I'd LOVE to hear more. Reporters, get crackin!

(Note to PacificaTrolls: This is not and argument with ANY of your ideologies, it is a request for more information on current events. Please don't talk to me. The words of old, scary people have no value to me.)

dc said...

No, the real issue is that you kids here have very little idea of what the Pacifica Forum is about and yet you draw and 'broadcast' conclusions that essentially support the CALC groups witch-hunting.

The Lobby thrives on folks like you doing this type of its dirty work for them. Your blog is likely already linked to some of their megaphone-outlets and that link will be pinged and ponged and stove-piped in 'perpetuity'.

Where is it that you go, if you want to discuss Illegal War, Current Events (without a pro-Israel bias), Hidden History or other topics that may interest you? The PF is that place. Is there any another?

If you can put together a presentation (with citations) and are open to hosting a round of Q&A from attendees, you too could hold the PF floor.

You may consider us as strange, but I assure you, our regulars are nice (and balanced) people. We are a rather interesting and well read cross segment of your fellow community members that happen to feel it important/beneficial to share opinions on a wide variety of topics--whether PC, or not.

If you'd like the floor, drop a line at the website or say so at any PF meeting. In the meantime, take care and keep on using that Free Speech muscle. (Quick glance at the watch)

I-was-there said...

"...I assure you, our regulars are nice (and balanced) people."


And you are a representative sample?

Or maybe the kilted guy doing sieg heils at a rabbi?

Or the socially and culturally inept Lithuanian who admits hating Jews and tries to comfort a distraught student by assuring her she is not too ugly to rape?

Or the little guy behind the table who thinks Islam wants to kill him and that homosexuality is a disease?

Where is the nice and balanced?

I-was-there said...

Pacifica Forum's Valdas Anelauskas had a letter in today's R-G. Says Katie's confrontation was a staged theatrical performnce.

Anonymous said...

Incorrect. Apparently you-were-not-there. Valdas Anelauskas stated he suspected the incident "may have been staged."

minecraft said...

good point: Luckily for us, the spotlight on the group brought by the Black Tea Society caught ASUO President Emma Callaway's eye.