Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pacifica Forum not asked to leave campus by ASUO?

I had a project due today and couldn't make it to the senate meeting last night. The Emerald wrote, "After a long night of contentious debate, the ASUO Senate voted down a resolution Wednesday night that would have asked the Pacific Forum to leave campus. The vote was seven for, 11 against, one abstaining." The article continues, "The Senate also debated a resolution in support of removing the Pacifica Forum from campus.  Many students and community members turned up to speak in favor of that resolution, and one turned up to oppose it. There was, however, no vote on that resolution before press time."

Who gave the Emerald a time machine? They can publish Senate decisions even before the vote is taken.  If I had that talent I would get out of journalism and go straight to horse racing. Watch out Biff, here I come.

Anyway.... Was anyone there who can tell me what is going on?


Anonymous said...

I was there the entire story is too long to retell.

Basically the senators decided they knew what oppression was, then cried. Decided the demonstrators at the meeting were trying to influence their decisions* and then voted against the resolution.

One senator vowed to bring a new version of the resolution to the table every week until it passes.

*they must have forgot their job holding an elected position is to listen to the students who elected them.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe they recognized that a screaming mob is not a suitable representative body for the the constituency that elected them and decided to address the full spectrum of consequences that would follow from their actions as a student governmental body.

No one likes the Pacifica forum, not even they themselves do as the progression of time has begun to reveal (re: Rojas' letter to the Insurgent). The voting down of one resolution does not mean that senate sided with Pacifica forum's messages. Nor did they claim to have an absolute understanding of oppression, only that they as equally rational and full feeling human beings could reasonably recognize when offensive speech becomes truly oppressive and truly threatening speech. Not asked to leave? True. But invited to stay? Hardly. The fact of the matter is, just as the administration has not moved to act against them, the Pacifica forum issue is more complicated than the word vomit of a group of elderly and middle aged anti-semitic fools. There is a crucial legal issue at work that has to be addressed with wisdom, rationality, and reason, rather than unrestricted passion and mob rule: a sentiment that countless successful fighters of oppression have held staunchly for centuries.

smrtthanu said...

The administration did act. They moved the group from the EMU to a less central place on campus. This is more than what our Student Government has done.