Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another Pacifica Forum Protest

The student led protest against the Pacifica Forum proved to be another effective means for students to voice their concern against hosting the group on campus.

We want to thank KVAL for the video footage.


Patriot said...

These students blindly follow the LIES and zionist rhetoric of Michael Williams.

As more and more are waking up to this FACT, your group dwindles..

The truth will prevail!

Anonymous said...

Pacifica Forum continues to hold pro-nazi speakers, they have a right to. We have a right to say that is ridiculous and they should take it elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

PACIFICA FORUM is the best thing that ever happened to Eugene. Agree with presenters or not, they stand up for your future freedoms. Which can be lost if you're apathetic.

(AHTF) Michael Williams, on the other hand, continues to surprise me, as no citizen of Eugene dares to question how a thought policeman is accepted in this town.