Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Eugene's Black Tea Society invites militants to join Pacifica Forum Friday

UO President Richard Lariviere called an anti-hate organizer this morning asking that the Black Tea Society rally somewhere else. We have yet to hear if they abide by his recommendation.

From the Portland Indymedia newswire:

Eugene's Black Tea Society: Emergency Call to Action!

Recently intercepted communications from the neo-fascist/third-positionist Pacifica Forum indicate that the NSM ( National Socialist Movement, the new name of the American Nazi Party ) is planning on showing up in force to their next event. This we cannot permit. Therefore we, the Black Tea Society are putting out our own call to for anti-fascists from across the state to converge on our city on February 12th to confront the Nazi menace. The Northwest is front line of the the battle against the fascism, many of their ilk are hoping to make this part of the country where they make their stand, it is also where we and all students of history will put an end to them. ( we mean end philosophically of course)

See the full text of the intercepted communication here:

Militants wishing to participate in this action should arrive in front of Agate Hall on the University of Oregon campus, this Friday February 12th at 4:30pm.

A map of the Campus may be found here:

See you there,
the Black Tea Society

[editors note: Large blocks of text in italics are hard to read.]


Anonymous said...

Richard Lariviere is right.

I wish you wouldn't encourage this nonsense. An "emergency call to action" is just embarrassing.

Nazism ceased to be a political ideology about 65 years ago. Now it's a law enforcement problem and a mental health issue and nothing more. Getting into a physical confrontation with them is not a political act.

The Student Insurgent said...

We just report the news.

Anonymous said...

The Nazis aren't coming here for a nice quiet meeting. They want a confrontation. Let them go home disappointed and wondering why Jimmy Marr made they go through so much trouble.