Thursday, February 11, 2010

Organizers hope for a peaceful Pacifica Forum Protest and teach in this Friday at the University of Oregon

Anti-hate organizer Devon hopes for a peaceful and safe protest tomorrow. She expects Agate Hall to be swarming with law enforcement agents and this will make any confrontation less likely.

This statement is likely in response to a militant call to action released by members of the Anarchist Black Tea Society. The BTS was in tern responding to rumors that Forum regular Jimmy Marr has invited a number or members of the National Socialist Movement to attend tomorrow's shitshow at UO's Agate Hall.

In a message to the 198 guests confirmed on Facebook Devon wrote:
Subject: Teach-in tomorrow! 4pm, Agate Hall

We're meeting at 4pm outside of Agate Hall! It's very important that we get a large number of people to attend this one, given the content of the meeting and more importantly, the people who are planning on attending this week.

This week Jimmy Marr is speaking about the myths and how they effect indigenous peoples (by that he means the white race). He has put out a call for members of the 'National Socialist Movement' (new name of the American Nazi Party) to come to the University of Oregon and hear him speak.

We will have rally outside Agate hall, Pacifica's meeting place. There will be a tent for an interfaith pray-in, a space for a teach-in and music. We will be generating knowledge and love in response to their hate.
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We encourage all likely participants to use the buddy system since Neo-nazis are coming to campus. Find a safe route home and let your friends know where you are. Also, feel free to wear a mask or something to cover your face because they often take pictures of our faces and/or film us.

Just a reminder: we, as protesters, will be completely peaceful. We are not there to start fights. And that room will probably be pretty safe since it will be swarming with DPS and EPD in light of the neo-Nazi presence, in case you were worried about your safety at the event. Also, we will be heading over to the Wesley Center (between Rennie's and the Duckstore) after the teach-in to debrief and talk about it--this will also be a safe location where Forum members and neo-Nazis cannot enter.

Lets build a safer community.
Breaking Bigotry

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Anonymous said...

Okay, so Billy Rojas has quit the Forum. He said two others are thinking about it. I would guess that Barry Sommer is one. Both these guys seem to have recently joined. I don't know why Rojas was so devoted to Orval Etter and the group.