Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bike America!

From a group of cool cyclists trying to make the environment better and build community. Plus an amazing experience!

An Awesome cross country Bike Tour- building community on wheels. I went last summer and was very empowered! When I went, I was huge mountains, rolling hills, towering trees and verdant fields. Bike-America combines Activism and Biking, Creating Bike culture. This positive experience will teach you all you need to know about on-the-spot bike repair, humility and about empowerment. 

When you travel with Bike America, you are closely tied to them, spending days at at time and forging positive relationships with the goal of creating a more sustainable environment. Fighting for Safe streets, Bike lanes in cities, shoulders on rural roads and holding representatives accountable. A learning experience also, Bike America riders a mix of new and veteran riders regularly help each other out, with skill shares, maintenance, meals and tents. It teaches community, it fosters friendships and it also gives a practical experience in collective bargaining- in terms of housing, political action and food share. Also since many places to sleep are at the mercy of property owners, you are at the mercy of this these families and communities. 

If you have free time over the summer, contact this group- 

They build their own and reinforce their community. Show Bicycle Solidarity, with all the grease brothers and sisters across the country!


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