Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pacifica Forum IS off campus

I heard from members of the ASUO and it was confirmed today, by Paul Shang- Pacifica Forum will no longer meet on campus but at the Baker Center. Pacifica Forum is off campus.

The forum is off campus! While still on University Property, being paid for by students and community... it is a major minor victory! Or maybe a minor major victory, but in any case, the Forum has left campus, is spatially separated from the communities they target and no longer receives the privilege of academic appearance.

The administration took three months to get here, but hey, a victory is a victory! They get to meet and we get a safer campus. it's win win.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That is fantastic news. Putting the pressure on & exposing them as a hate group-- despite non U of O entities like the Register Guard newspaper, saying "just ignore the hate groups"- while not having to mingle w hate groups in their neighborhood or community-- they were out of line & so was the U of O hosting Pacifica Forum out of line. It conflicted with their own diversity & student rights guidelines.

Way to go! Free speech does not mean you must endure hate speech.

dc said...

The Pacifica Forum is NOT "a Hate Group".

It's true we have responded to some of the more aggressive tactics of the jewish-supremacist group that targeted us for extinction, back in 2006.

What ever you think you know about the Forum is based on the half truths and deliberate distortions of the local z-lobby.