Monday, April 5, 2010

Pacifica Forum strikes again.

Well, another week, another sad presentation. This time by Jay Knott, a noted scientist... wait, no he's not. Well at least he has some hard science background... oh shoot, I guess that's not true either. What is Mr. Knott proficient at? Well, he does have a british accent, so I guess that justifies the hour I endured of him prattling on until the highlight of the meeting 'I really don't know'- Jay Knott. That seems to sum up the meeting.

His points: It was first called 'global warming' now its called 'climate change', therefore its a conspiracy. The rings on trees indicate that temperature is not rising drastically, but if it is true that temperatures are rising, it's because we are coming out of an ice age. Some climate scientists don't give out their research before its complete, so they are dishonest... He then went on a tangent about how Climate change deniers are like holocaust deniers: they are marginalized, but should be proud that they are deniers... 

Ignorance is bliss!

Next week: Jimmy Marr with 'Yet another bad you-tube video on why the holocaust isn't real... or if it is, not many people died. Set to a nasally monotonous monotone'. Maybe this week Mr.Marr will explain why EVEN IF, the numbers who died in the holocaust were in the lower, how that somehow makes it 'ok'. 

Their hateful language is resigned to the back corner of the University- tarnishing the image of intellectual study. The Pacifica Forum, is a weekly meeting group. They used to meet in (but have been kicked out of) Mckenzie hall, then the EMU, then Agate Hall and now the Baker Center (formerly the register-guard building). They meet on Fridays, at 530pm.

Pacifica Forum, Proving that you can waste words.


Anonymous said...

Just state the facts. Stop being sassy.

Jay Knott said...

My talk was based on the work of Essex and McKitrick, two respected Canadian academics. The reaction of this anonymous contributor is a real giveaway - even when Pacifica Forum gives a platform to dissent which has nothing to do with race, its detractors still distort the message. At least the writer can't claim my talk made him or her 'feel less safe', the usual argument used against academic freedom.