Saturday, April 3, 2010

Student Elections:2010!

"The price of Apathy is to be ruled by evil men."- Plato

The Results are in Alex v. Amalie: the Showdown.
While the Insurgent does not endorse, indeed we reject elections as a farce altogether. The notion of community is good. So Anyway the 5000+ voter turnout (more than in the last two decades) in the ASUO election seems to indicate a greater participation and possibly a greater sense of awareness of politics. I am then force to ask:

Is this, my generation, getting a political conscience? In other words, are we getting a clue? Further, is this a good thing?

Well the the last question should hit at my answer to the first two. Yes, voter turnout is usually indicative of two things, civic participation and a political conscience. Voter turnout incidentally is also used as a measure of the success of a Democracy, if nobody votes, who then does the victor really represent? So in any civic class, the teacher would preach the necessity to vote and give one's all. 

Are we getting a clue? Maybe? At first glance it would seem that increased turnout would mean that people are getting politics. This turnout, among 21000 students however, is less than one quarter, however it's a college institution, so a lower turnout may be expected. Also the election is usually treated with some degree of a popularity contest, with greek life (Frats and Sororities) usually taking a large number of senate seats. The Unions get a few seats of chance and the executive is up for grabs. The Exec changes annually, going from the moderate popular folks and the vocal and active 'Libertarian' students: empowered by the rightist publication on campus.

Is all this higher turnout a good thing however, maybe. The higher turnout delays the day when the University Administration will shut down the student government and further kill the student power. They created a body of oversight so complicated, that to do anything takes days for something simple and months for a medium sized event to occur. The administration has been grinding away the student services and breaking lines of communication. They will have a great revelry when they have a completely disorganized student body. But if they can channel dissent through a maze of bureaucracy to cause ineffectiveness, they would be just as happy. 

If the University keeps a student government, it will be a horse and pony show so wrapped up in itself that nobody pays attention to the administration. So student power doesn't really exist and since the administration runs the online voting we don't actually have any control or power anyway. "It is not the people who vote that count; it's the people who count the votes."- Stalin

So is it all worth it? Maybe, it keeps our publication running. But becomes a tool of distraction so the administration can go un-monitored. The administration will use this tool as one to keep students unaware of the extortion in athletics, the high administrator salaries, low faculty wages.

In summary, mixed reviews.

more later. Go ducks, be free, stop animal torture



Anonymous said...

Oh my god please learn how to coordinate verb phrases, ask rhetorical questions, punctuate, and use conjunctions, and generally be coherent. Protip: You don't really accomplish anything by whining ineffectively and incoherently about the big mean administration and how voter turnout is dumb because nothing ever changes anyway but the student government gives us power but oh wait no the administration masterminds the drama that makes the ASUO such a shitshow.

Seriously, this is shameful. Please never apply for student funds ever again, I would rather my I-fee go to OSPIRG. Well, that's a lie, and you guys probably launder your allotment to them anyway. Either way, just stop.

P.S. The tagline you open the blogpost in seems really misplaced. It's like you're preaching to get out the vote, but by the end of it it's like you've resigned yourself to the iniquities of that evil monster Lariviere and his funds-gobbling salary. I guess this falls under my earlier criticism of "be coherent ffs."

GrammARRRR Pirate said...

Anonymous- Good thing this blog is funded by Google and not student funds.

We all wish we could fund something differently. Personally I wish we didn't have to pay for athletic tickets.

Anonymous said...

The blog may not receive student funds but it's merely an extension of the organization that does. An organization that is clearly either unwilling to or incapable of something as simple as making sure that the articles it produces are coherent and in touch with reality (not to even speak of style).

I have to say, good job ignoring the accusation of crippling incoherence. It's like I never said anything meaningful at all, if I were to go by your post.

Anonymous said...

It's a blog, get over yourself. Someone ranted in a public forum without having an editor to tell him/her to think before writing.

People rant all over the web. Get used to it.

Other stuff said...

I am pretty sure that title is meant to be ironic, since the rest of the piece is all about the how voting is meaningless.

Anonymous said...

considering that the post could be fairly described as "entirely incoherent" or perhaps "what happens when people smoke too much pot at peta rallies," and that their understanding of how to break up utterances into prosodic units, or at least of how to represent said prosodic units in print, is somewhat less than that of an intelligent 14 year old, i'd wager that irony is rather beyond them.