Saturday, May 29, 2010

BP Fucks up, again.

Doug Suttles, CEO of PB announced today  that the 'top kill' plan failed. Utterly.

Top kill would have pumped tons of sand and sediment into the oil tube gushing high pressure liquids and gas to stop the flow and then sealed it with cement. Industry 'specialists' were called in to make the problem go away. They can't. 


Because the industry specialists don't know what they are doing. They are hacks, paid big salaries to be officials that testify that the effects of the corporation they work for are not going to be serious. They are unprepared, not knowledgeable and drilling where we ought not drill, mining in too dangerous areas and using chemicals and worthless fail safes. 

11 died, 17 more injured and a relentless leak pouring oil from more than a mile underwater. 

The so-called experts, working for the corporations don't know what they are doing, they never have. They lied to congress and to the committees to obtain permits. The well is broken and oil is spilling. The liars are caught with their pants down. We ought to tie them up, and stick them in the leaking pipe. 

If a corporation in a person, then let's hold the CEO's to the same level of accountability. What would happen if a person dumped a barrel of oil in your back yard, they would be fined, let's multiply that fine by 5000-70,000 (number of barrels pouring out each day) and multiply that by the number of days this goes on (more than a month >30 days). 

The experts don't know, they never knew and are just as liable as the CEO. They lied, people are out of work and the effects have reached the shore and leak has gone unabated! We should never have built that far offshore, that far underwater and the the lying thieves should go to the hell they made.

GO Ducks!

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