Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fascism Stinks: A communiqué from Eugene Anarchists

To whom it may concern,

We members of Eugene’s anarchist Black Tea Society are shocked and appalled by the behavior of a number of reckless hooligans during the Pacifica Forum meeting Friday, May 7th! In the early evening a putrid smell, very similar to that of looming fascism, filled Esslinger Hall. The culprit: three dozen stink bombs. What these young miscreants just don't understand is that history has proven time and again that fascists are consistently vanquished by reasonable dialogue and passive sign holding. After all what brought down Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Franco and many more was clearly the might of Western capitalist logic. These misguided youth are obviously wing nut Utopian Kropotkonites! We are in complete total agreement with the wise and benevolent University administrators that these hooligans actions were childish and unimaginative and that fascists are sacrosanct should be unopposed. We also hold that the brutal response of university security was entirely justified. We suggest to campus security that they adopt a policy of throwing all anti-fascists down stairs, as they did to Fridays protesters. We hope that in future people will exercise proper restraint when dealing with advocates of genocide and totalitarianism.

Hugs and Kisses,
Black Tea Society


Anonymous said...

I was outraged at the news about security attacking protesters. Until I read your "communique". Now I'm kind of glad.

blargen-flargen said...

Darn Rascals!

How could they?

Anonymous said...

The 'anarchist' tools who were present at that PF could not contain their ignorance, or their little vials of stink, and within 10 minutes of the Kevin MacDonald DVD beginning, they chose to exit.

Their pathetic foot stomping spectacle made a modicum of sense when DPS recognized instantly that the creatures were intending to crunch approximately ONE dozen of their little green turds on the floor.

It was because they tried to run away, that they were detained and recorded.

I hope the experience helps them to realize that continued, willful ignorance, atop their inability to comprehend (the simple fact) that PFers are (already) deep inside the process of fighting the real "fascists", is NO way to viably conduct themselves; it renders them clearly as knee-jerking fools-- tools of the very forces they purport to want to rise against.