Monday, May 10, 2010

The MCC Presents: The Other Mexico

When: Wednesday, May 12th, 7PM
Where: Willamette 100, UO Campus

The UO Multicultural Center is hosting activist Leonor Arenas Agis and journalist John Gibler to talk about the state of social movements in contemporary Mexico.

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LEONOR ARENAS AGIS is the daughter of Gloria Arenas Agis and Jacobo Silva, two former political prisoners in Mexicos's state of Guerrero. Both Arenas Agis and Silva were released last October after 10 years in a Mexican prison. Leonor, as the daughter of these guerrilla leaders, faced multiple assassination attempts before seeking political asylum in Canada. In Canada, Arenas Agis was active in social justice movements. Now, back in Mexico, Arenas Agis is studying medicine and is also a part of two collectives. The first works for the release of all political prisoners in Mexico and the second seeks access to health care for all.

JOHN GIBLER is a former Global Exchange human rights fellow in Mexico who has been social movements since January 1st, 2006. He reported on the ground from the Zapatistas Other Campaign, the massive protests against electoral fraud in Mexico City, and the civil disobedience uprising in Oaxaca. His writing and photographs have appeared in numerous publications across the nation. He has also reported from Oaxaca for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the international edition of the Miami Herald. Before moving to Mexico, Gibler worked for various human rights and social justice organizations in Mexico, Peru, and California. He reported on environmental justice issues and water privatization in California for Public Citizen, Terrain Magazine, ColorLines, the Environmental Justice Coalition for Water, the Journal on Race, Poverty and the Environment and other independent media.

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