Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Neon Stare

Have you ever looked at someone you don't know, stared into there eyes and been met with a blank stare? That dead look, of scorched images searing the retina. Of overloud music booming through a speaker shoved deep into the ear canal. Small TVs, screens, blinking neon are but a small portion of the innumerable brightly covered distractions.

We wear clothes, shiny, bright or black, showing off how different we are, or receding deep into ourselves. Our hyper-individualism drowns out others, their needs and feelings. We are increasingly told what to wear, how to wear it, what to a own- just to maintain a sense of privilege and self. Because without our identity as individuals, we are meaningless...

This notion of individualism, the Ipod, Ipad, flashy clothes, new cars, new tvs etc, all make up the nearly completely internalised self, at the expense of the interpersonal communication- leaving only a neon stare. Well, turn off the neon, the ipod, wear bland clothes, try not be compelled by adds or shop at stores... try to grow food, build your own home, talk to your folks. Create a community, know your neighbours. The individual running of society makes nearly every participant a guilty accomplice to the resource extraction and wars therefrom. Compliance with the system is inevitable at some level, since we are surrounded by it and alternatives will take time to develop, but we need to develop alternatives.

It is incumbent upon the citizens of this world to tear down walls of inhibition and talk to those around us. We need to help each other out and create a interpersonal systems of understanding and toleration.

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