Friday, May 7, 2010

Pacifica Forum, not so much. Insurgent, awesome.

Four people cited, one arrested. The protests intensified today, with music, disruption and even Stink bombs. The Antifascists let themselves be heard disrupting the movie showing- which explained 'the jewish conspiracy'. 

Pacifica Forum had to stop and restart their presentation amidst much chaos. disrupting  statements, music, stomping feet and other tactics. One forum member left early, frustrated that the forum was not able to give its normal bigoted platform uninterrupted.

DPS (Department of Public Safety) railed against several student and non-student protesters. Grabbing a handful after several stink bombs were broken. Apparently the foul smelling devices were duds, as on pacifica member put it "In my day at least the stink bombs stank". 

Well the stink bombs stunk and foul ideology of the forum was abruptly shorted. 

Go Ducks!

Also this coincided with the release party of the new Student Insurgent, issue 21.4.  A fine example of writing, fighting and solidarity. Telling the stories they wont tell you. The stories of resistance!


Anonymous said...

The video they showed is available on You Tube. You might reasonably argue it's anti-Semitic or at least question Pacifica Forums's reason for showing it, but it doesn't "explain 'the jewish conspiracy'". It would be nice to read something about Pacifica Forum and be able to trust the information. You don't have to be unbiased. Just be accurate.

So, are you people still "pro-free speech"?

Anonymous said...

Antifascist and Pro free speech. If this group were in power, there would be no free speech.

Michael said...

Unfortunately, stink bombs failed to mask the odor of Pacifica Forum.

The stink bombs were roses compared to the moral, political and intellectual stench of Pacifica Forum. The wrong people were cited for disturbing the peace. Some day racism and bigotry will be considered treatable diseases, and medical help will be available for people like that.

Anonymous said...

Everybody's anti-Fascist. There's nothing special about that. And, evidently, if you were in power there would be no free speech then, either.

Anonymous said...

To the first Anonymous:

If you saw a video, Pacifica Forum didn't show it; the person giving the presentation did. That's to whom you should direct your question about "the reason for showing it."

Your us-and-them approach shows a misunderstanding of Pacifica Forum. If you attend, take accuracy with you.

To whom are you addressing the question about still being "pro free speech?" They tell me a live brass band was incorporated to drown out yesterday's presentation.

Nemo said...

I posted #1 and #4. I guess I should use a name.

I questioned whether the people gloating over what happened on Friday still claimed to be "pro-free speech".

Anonymous said...

Who's gloating. It's sad such poor judgment is used that someone has to spend time in jail.

And who's responsible for encouraging this to get so out of hand.

And, speaking of "treatable diseases," will hipocrisy and blaming the victims also fall into that category? Fits right in with Holocaust denial.

You bet still pro-free speech. Bring some of it along when you go again and use it intelligently. Leave any stink bombs and band instruments at home.

Nemo said...

"Michael" who posted above turns out to be Michael Williams. He was so proud of his message that he posted the same thing, word for word, on Facebook.

He thinks Pacifica Forum should have been arrested because they have a disease.

And the idiots who went in playing band instruments and setting off stink bombs in front of the police----well, how were they supposed to know it was against the law?

Anonymous said...

@"Antifascist and Pro free speech"-but the Zionist group in power drowns out free speech, uses their Judas Goat, Michael Williams, to march student communists & anarchists in protest against free speech ... when our peoples hand over their purist ideology to the State (or AHTF) it's a statist dream to twist it like a swastika. It's Michael's "I have a dream".

cheese puff said...

Who has time to cross reference between a blog and facebook... obviously not students.

R-Jay said...

Michael Williams and the ARAIPAC crowd who attacked the meeting are opposed to the first amendment. How can you expect the police not to defend the constitution? The wierd thing is, the movie the Zios were trying to close down, an interview with Prof. Kevin MacDonald, isn't particularly extreme, and certainly not offensive or hateful. He deconstructs Jewish intellectual movements using a discipline known as 'evolutionary psychology' which tries to explain human behavior in Darwinian terms. He doesn't say it's a 'conspiracy' - on the contrary. If you can refute his arguments, by all means turn up at the next talk and do so. If you can't, don't use violence instead.

Nemo said...

Yeah, you got me, Cheese Puff. No student could possibly look at this blog AND the Breaking Bigotry Facebook page.

But, seriously. You got me. I'm not a student.

Hazel (Housekeeping) said...

Anonymous said...

The 'anarchist' tools who were present at that PF could not contain their ignorance, or their little vials of stink, and within 10 minutes of the Kevin MacDonald DVD beginning, they chose to exit.

Their pathetic foot stomping spectacle made a modicum of sense when DPS recognized instantly that the creatures were intending to crunch approximately ONE dozen of their little green turds on the floor.

It was because they tried to run away, that they were detained and recorded.

I hope the experience helps them to realize that continued, willful ignorance, atop their inability to comprehend (the simple fact) that PFers are (already) deep inside the process of fighting the real "fascists", is NO way to viably conduct themselves; it renders them clearly as knee-jerking fools-- tools of the very forces they purport to want to rise against.

Nemo said...

I don't understand this. Pacifica Forum is "deep in the process of fighting the real fascists."

I'm fine with calling Zionists fascists. I'm fine with calling them Nazis. But if you have actual Nazi Jimmy Marr speaking at your meetings, and Jay Knott posting pro-Franco messages, then what exactly is your objection to Zionism? You don't like them because they are fascists or because they're not?

dc said...

Jimmy Marr is not a "nazi".

He is "a Buddhist", and (as of recently) a Muslim.

He is actively refracting years worth of the Hate Forces perception management campaign against Pacifica, back to the public.

Geez, listen to Gillespie's darn DVD. He explains that he knew next to nothing about the NSM until he saw that R-G blurb and "recognized the same journalistic style that is used against the PF" "so [he] thought he better go down and take a look..."

In that same DVD (where he reports on the NSM ILLEGAL immigration rally), he also explains his methodology, RE: the Overton window.

As the supremacist thought police had been using their arsenal of pejoratives against we PF-ers (baselessly AND FOR YEARS)FOR OUR OPINIONS on ISRAEL, Palestion and ZIONIST crime, we have had to resort to unusal tactics to smoke these 'networkers' out. It works.


I hope it's obvious that misspelled word in my last paragraph should read "Palestine".

LEADING AMERICAN VOICE of the Middle East will be in Eugene to speak Saturday evening. Saree Makdisi (mock-DEE-see), professor of English at UCLA, will speak at 7 p.m. in 115 Lawrence Hall on the Univesity of Oregon campus. He is nephew of the late Edward Said, foremost spokesman for Palestine. The event is free.
(George Beres, 344-0282)
Contact host: Jack Dresser, (579-4244)

Nemo said...

I went to the event, to hear Saree Makdisi.

There are two differences between Israeli apartheid and South African apartheid, he said. One is that South African apartheid was undeniable. They had "whites only" signs everywhere. The Israelis have made some effort to conceal it.

The other is that Israeli apartheid is far worse. 69 people were murdered in the Sharpeville massacre. 1,400 were slaughtered in the attack on Gaza.

Three Palestinian students also spoke. Two of them had been shot by Israelis, one when he was fifteen. Both were left paralyzed. One was shot by Israeli soldiers in civilian clothes. They shot him with a submachine gun, hitting him at least five times. They left him lying in the street for half an hour. Then, instead of taking him to a hospital, they took him to an army base. They took him to the hospital after they were done filling out their reports.

Was anyone from The Insurgent there? If not, why not?

Iskren said...

Islam does NOT condone racism.

Jay Knott said...

'Nemo' is an intelligent and honest critic of Pacifica Forum, and deserves answers. Being accused of 'posting pro-Franco messages' is pretty tame with being called a 'Nazi', but I'll answer. All I've ever said about Franco is
a. General Franco was a mass murderer, but he did keep Spain out of World War II
b. If the left had won the Civil War, Spain might have joined the World War.
People are so paranoid about 'fascism'!