Thursday, June 10, 2010

A call out

In the interest of Education. The Insurgent is putting a call out- we want to know

"What radical or underground movements are active in the United States today?"

If anyone has names and a website or a news link. This is to help empower ourselves with the stories of struggle and victory, tell your friends that we want to know- what is happening today in America? We are NOT asking for personal stories of for people to reveal themselves or their actions, we are just looking to get a list and help develop a 'strategy guide and historical compendium'.

An example might be:

The Animal Liberation Front (ALF)
has done break-ins to free animals, bomb buildings and outlets, leafleted around stores using animal testing.

Earth First (EF!)
Forest Defence Action, tree sits, lock downs, barricades, banner drops, tree spiking, etc.

Cascadia Summers/Cascadia Forest Defence (CDF)
Tree sits, direct action

Take Back The Land (TBTL)
Direct action, pairing homeless families with homes, lock downs, sit-ins, public utility negotiation.

Tell us more, what is happening in your area or what have you heard about.

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