Sunday, June 6, 2010

Knight Library evacuated on Sunday before Finals!

At Apprx. 11:22pm The fire alarm was pulled in the Knight Library. The intercom was taken over by an artificial male voice commanding everyone to leave the building, as 'a fire alarm had been activated, this is not a drill, please leave the building, do not use the elevator'.... This message repeated itself on a loop.

While some speculated that the fire-alarm was pulled by someone who wanted a table, others thought it might be a distraction to steal valuable books. Meanwhile the DPS officers arrived on seen, not to alarm anyone they said "you know as much as we do".

Nearly everyone evacuated by stairs as the fire-doors closed.

For one student it was not a joke, a self identified 'pyro-phobe' screamed "I thought this was going to be like inferno and I would need to jump out a window".

DPS concluded that it was a individual who pulled an alarm on the third floor.

Whoever did this, come on, really? Really? Some of us have finals in the morning. 

Go Ducks.


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