Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Most of the survivors have been released from the Israeli commandeering of aid vessels. 

These four have not been released however;
Sheikh Raed Sala, Sheikh Hamad Abu Daabes, Mr. Muhammed Zeidan and Ms. Lubna Masarwa

and instead are facing charges, it is unclear what those charges will be.

One survivor reports:
"The aggression came from the sky, from helicopters from which soldiers came down by ropes. We waited in the fore room and saw them carrying an Israeli soldier who looked to me like he'd had a breakdown. Then the second and third came, but after these three injured soldiers then I saw a lot – maybe 10 – passengers who were severely hurt, injured, covered in blood. They were treated in the salon next to me. One was so badly injured I am sure he must have died soon after. I didn't even consider going upstairs as it was just too dangerous."

but no word on official Israeli story.


Nemo said...

I'm glad the Turkish government has some self-respect. Their citizens are murdered by a foreign government and they do something about it.

Turns out a U.S. citizen was murdered in the attack. Not the first time Americans have been killed by the Israelis. There was Rachel Corrie, of course, and the crew of the USS Liberty. There have been countless Palestinians with U.S. citizenship.

I don't imagine we're going to hear anything from Obama about this.

Nemo said...

The murdered American was a 19-year-old high school student named Furkan Dogan. He had dual U.S.-Turkish citizenship. He died of multiple gunshot wounds.