Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day!

The best day of the year is Labor Day. This Insurgent just wanted to recall the history that brought us to this point...

In Chicago, at the Haymarket square. It was evening, there was little light. Earlier that day there had been a march of workers who were on strike. As some of those workers returned that evening for the end of the shift to attend a rally. The police closed in. The workers listened to speeches from some the organizers on a platform. As the speeches were wrapping up the Police descended, carrying asps and guns, the crowd was bludgeoned. As the participants in the rally began to try to escape the blows of the police, a bomb went off.

That bomb remains a point of mystery and contention. Some contend the bomb was thrown by the workers others contend a Undercover Pinkerton Detective and some have suggested the Police planted the bomb before the rally.

Whatever the source of the bomb, the police took that as their que and charged in, arresting all the organizers. After a one day trial, which did not look at their guilt of throwing a bomb, they were found guilty and hanged.

This injustice is mourned and the sacrifice of the workers commemorated on International Worker's Solidarity Day- May 1st. However, the US fails to honor what is widely known as the Haymarket Massacre, celebrating instead a vague honor of labor, in September.

While the Haymarket is in Chicago and the massacre was an assault on US Labor, the US does not largely teach this piece of history, nor celebrate the solidarity and gains made, as does the rest of the world on May 1st.

SO enjoy the largely Meaningless day that is meant to distract from corrupt police and legal systems, the control of our lives by corporations, the transfer of wealth into the hands of the few elite- simultaneously lowering the standard of living for workers and the murder of Labor Organizers.

Happy Labor Day!

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