Friday, January 29, 2010

Activism in Art

The Student Insurgent is looking for talented artists to submit their art for our next issue. Submissions are due by next Wednesday (2.3.10). You can bring your submssions to the Survival Center (Suit One in the EMU) or email them directly to us at: studentinsurgent[at]gmail[dot]com. The theme should be centered around activism in art.


Free Movie - BUSTED: A Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters

"BUSTED depicts the pressure and confusion of police encounters. The film illustrates the right and wrong ways to handle common police encounters and pays special attention to demonstrating how you can can confidently protect your rights and yourself."
When: Tuesday, Feb. 2 @ 7 pm
Where: Umpqua River Room in the EMU
Hosted By: Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP)

How to be a Refugee

An Ignite Video . More than 30 million people are living in exile worldwide. Using Burma as an example, Tara Horn walks us through the steps a person would go through from fleeing their home to finally relocating in a country such as the United States.

For more information about Tara Horn's work with Burma.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pacifica Forum not asked to leave campus by ASUO?

I had a project due today and couldn't make it to the senate meeting last night. The Emerald wrote, "After a long night of contentious debate, the ASUO Senate voted down a resolution Wednesday night that would have asked the Pacific Forum to leave campus. The vote was seven for, 11 against, one abstaining." The article continues, "The Senate also debated a resolution in support of removing the Pacifica Forum from campus.  Many students and community members turned up to speak in favor of that resolution, and one turned up to oppose it. There was, however, no vote on that resolution before press time."

Who gave the Emerald a time machine? They can publish Senate decisions even before the vote is taken.  If I had that talent I would get out of journalism and go straight to horse racing. Watch out Biff, here I come.

Anyway.... Was anyone there who can tell me what is going on?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Reporting from the West Bank

We, the Insurgent, sent a journalist to the West Bank to report on the Palestine Occupation. (Those who wondered where all your I-fee money goes, you now have your answer.)

An Nabi Salih: Resistance to Settlement Expansion Met With Military Violence 
Originally Posted January 18, 2010
for more information visit 

Israeli forces must have anticipated the large response to the An Nabi Salih Popular Struggle’s callout for international solidarity in their 4th consecutive Friday demonstration on January 15th. Three International Solidarity Movement (ISM) activists were turned away from the seldom-staffed partial checkpoint of ‘Atara, between Ramallah and An Nabi Salih. Fortunately, a back route was established and the group made it to the village, joining 10 other internationals, a dozen journalists and over 300 Palestinians. 

The hilltop village of An Nabi Salih has a population of approximately 500 residents and is located 30 kilometers northeast of Ramallah along highway 465. The demonstration protested the illegal seizure of valuable agricultural land and the January 9th 2010 uprooting of hundreds of the village resident’s olive trees by the Hallamish (Neve Zuf) settlement located on highway 465, opposite An Nabi Salih. Conflict between the settlement and villagers reawakened in the past month due to the settler’s attempt to re-annex An Nabi Salih land despite the December 2009 Israeli court case that ruled the property rights of the land to the An Nabi Salih residents. The confiscated land of An Nabi Salih is located on the Hallamish side of highway 465 and is just unfortunately one of many expansions of the settlement since it’s establishment in 1977.

Reggae Revolutionaries: An Interview with Indubious

By John

I think most people who have seen Indubious or any other similar bands before will agree with me that witnessing them in concert is like stepping into another world. For me, every time I step into the WOW Hall for a show like this, for a split-second I always feel like I've just entered some giant tree trunk in a far-off mystical forest populated friendly tree-dwellers and fairy folk, which could just be one of the many reasons why this band keeps drawing me back, time and time again.

The first time I ever saw Indubious was in October, 2009. Made up of Transplants member Matty T Wells on drums and brothers Evton B and Skip Wicked on keyboards and bass, respectively, the band regularly tours up and down the West Coast, stopping in Eugene roughly every other month. While it would be impossible to fully describe just how amazing this trio is on stage, I can say with certainty that I was hooked from the very first song. Since then, I have seen them three times, including their most recent appearance at the WOW on January 12th where they played with long-time collaborator Alcyon Massive as well as the Californian group Tribal Seeds. It was on this night that I got to sit down with Indubious after their show and ask them a bit more about their music and their message.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Free Movie Screening on Thursday! Tapped: The Movie

WHO: UO Climate Justice League (a new climate activist group on campus) 
WHAT: Film screening of Tapped: The Movie 
WHEN: Thursday, Jan. 28, 7 p.m. 
WHERE: Lawrence 177, UO Campus 
WHY: To educate students on the energy-wasting effects of bottled water and gain support for 
an ASUO Senate resolution prohibiting i-fee money from being spent on bottled water. 

Know what you are supporting when you buy

It is important to realize every purchase you make is a political statement. Huge corporations have the money to control our "democracy." Voting has transformed from the occasional trip to the ballot booth to the weekly trip to the store. The corporations are all probably pretty terrible, but the least you can do is pick the ones that aren't directly in opposition to your beliefs. In August we discovered that Whole Foods CEO is anti-healthcare reform  and in 2000 Kraft-Nabisco became a part of  the cigarette giant Philip Morris. Recently we discovered in addition to killing local coffee places, Starbucks is supporting anti-marijuana legislation.