Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tomorrow: CLDC Free Films postponed, Replaced with Chile Benefit

The Civil Liberties Defense Center's FREE film night has been postponed until next week, same time, same place (7pm in in the WestTown Community Center @ 275 W. 8th). Stay tuned for an updated announcement about next month's films. We encourage everyone to attend the film described below this Thursday.

Benefit for CHILE: Film screening of Hotel Marconi
Thursday, March 11th at 7:00 pm
100 Willamette

Hello everybody,

I want to invite you for the film screening of Hotel Marconi; a Chilean movie made last year based on my homonymous book of poetry, Hotel Marconi. The film was made by Chilean filmmakers Juan Carlos Mege and Camilo Echegoyen, and we are asking for $3 to $5 donation to send Mege's family in Chile and the community of Penco where they live, which was severely affected by the recent earthquake in Chile.

Poet Paul Dresman will read some of his translations of the book—reprinted in 2006 in a bilingual edition—and talk about the film and the book.

You can see a preview of the movie in the following website:

If you can join us and help us to support some of the Chilean families affected by the earthquake, I would really appreciate it. Please, forward this message and let people know. Thanks,

JesĂșs SepĂșlveda.

Film Screening of Hotel Marconi
Thursday, March 11^th at 7:00 pm
100 Willamette
University of Oregon.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pacifica Forum IS off campus

I heard from members of the ASUO and it was confirmed today, by Paul Shang- Pacifica Forum will no longer meet on campus but at the Baker Center. Pacifica Forum is off campus.

The forum is off campus! While still on University Property, being paid for by students and community... it is a major minor victory! Or maybe a minor major victory, but in any case, the Forum has left campus, is spatially separated from the communities they target and no longer receives the privilege of academic appearance.

The administration took three months to get here, but hey, a victory is a victory! They get to meet and we get a safer campus. it's win win.

Free Film Nights brought to you by the

Join the CLCD the second Thursday of each month @ 7 pm in the WestTown Community Center @ 275 W. 8th (next to WOW Hall)

March 11:
*The Legacy of Torture*
(The war against The Black Liberation Movement - about five former Black Panther Party activists)
w/Spanish subtitles!

*Mumia: A Case for Reasonable Doubt?*
(Convicted in the 1981 murder of a white Philadelphia policeman, Mumia Abu-Jamal speaks for the first time from death row.)

*This is My Home*
(The post-Katrina housing crisis in New Orleans)

April 8:
Howard Zinn: You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train

May 13:
Incident at Oglala

For more information, go to .

We will post reminders as the film dates approach.

Buy Pastured Eggs and Chicken, Not "Free Range"

I was cruising the nets and found this interesting piece. To read more about sustainable food check out
(Originally Posted February 18, 2010 on

Good eggs are hard to come by — harder than you may think. It seems you can find chicken and eggs labeled "organic" and "free range" in just about any grocery store these days, packaged in bucolic images of rolling green hills and red barns, but that is almost never the reality, even among these supposedly humane alternatives. A chicken fed organic feed in a confinement barn with a tiny dirt yard (read: "access to the outdoors") does not represent ethical or sustainable farming.

What the conscientious consumer should really be looking for are pastured chickens.

When I lived in Kentucky, I bought my eggs from a nearby farmer. The eggs had strong shells and dark, orange yolks that stood tall when I cracked them open. They were the most delicious eggs I've ever eaten. The organic, vegetarian-fed, free-range, antibiotic-free eggs I find in Los Angeles are nothing like that. They are in quality indistinguishable from the runny, yellow, conventional eggs my roommate buys. Clearly something is amiss. The difference is pasture. At first blush you may thing that is precisely what is meant by "free range," but sadly that is almost never the case.

A Free Range label on an egg carton or chicken wrapper almost invariably means the chickens were raised in a crowded shed with limited outdoor access and almost certainly no fresh grass. It is often not terribly different from how their conventional counterparts are raised, and yet by meeting a few technical benchmarks, sellers can mark up their products to fetch the premium prices that more ethical food bring, effectively duping consumers. Don't be fooled; there is no substitute for real pasture.

It may seem strange to think of putting chickens on pasture. After all chickens, unlike cows, don't eat much grass. But the amount of grass they do eat when given the opportunity, along with the bugs and lizards they scratch up, make a world of difference in egg quality. Pasture also makes a world of difference to the quality of life for the chicken. They must be moved to fresh pasture every day or so to avoid killing the grass, so they get constant access to fresh greens, bugs, sunshine, and space to move around as they fertilize the lawn.

Doubtless "free range" eggs are better than purely conventional eggs in environmental terms, but we can do so much better. The farmers out there who are really promoting a sustainable model with pastured, happy chickens and nutritious eggs — not those who have learned to do the bare minimum to fool consumers into thinking their product is superior — really deserve that extra dollar or three per dozen. Talk to sellers at your local farmers' market or check sites like Eat Wild and LocalHarvest to find sources. Luckily, you'll know when you've bought the real deal. The proof is right there in the shell.

Photo credit: D. Sharon Pruitt via Flickr

Monday, March 8, 2010

Create a container! Turn garbage into fun.

What could be more fun than playing garbage? Playing with lots of free garbage.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) from 5-8 in the Hamilton Complex Breezeway Campus Recycling is bringing garbage and some smart, creative, and possibly even beautiful people to teach you to turn trash into treasure.

From the facebook group:
"Make a wire basket or customize a container – Drop by and pick what you want to create – a unique wire basket from old phone wire or use scrap art supplies to refurbish and re-purpose old containers. The possibilities are endless!"

Reusing is better than recycling, but not as good as reducing.


The University of Oregon, Student Insurgent stands in solidarity with the UC Student Rebellion!

Fuck Corporate Interest!

Education for free, or die!

"Oh, have we ought in common
with the greedy parasite,
who would lash us into serfdom, 
or would crush us neath his might.
Is there ought for us to do,
but to Organize and fight,
for the Union makes us strong!"

-from Solidarity Forever!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Police State and Environmental Destruction.

A review of the 'genius' public policy- Resource Extraction.

Let's begin, We know from the Speaker from Chiapas, we know from the Bureau of Land Management land sales and we know from Brazilian logging. Trouble is a-brewin'.

These governments are all basically neo-Liberal or neo-conservative; these government types share one major overlapping ideology- free trade. Free trade is the notion that if you open the borders to foreign exports, then other countries will open borders to your goods and everyone will sell things cheaper. This will create less expensive material wealth for all and therefore generate more goods for everyone. A great idea... except for a few major flaws, namely inflation, economic disregard for social justice, environmental over consumption and corruption.
If corporations are tools for making money, the are driven by profit alone, this stemming from essential human greed. Adam Smith says essentially "the principal motivation for all exchange is self interest." This is a friendly way of saying exchange happens because we are greedy. This should do little to reinforce any desire to be a part of this economic system. If the principle drive of exchange is self interest, all exchanges will try to be in one's own interest and this means the fundamental balance of desires is a struggle. Under this system every day is a fight, a gnashing of teeth and a battle to find good prices. This should give anyone pause, because if everyone wants the best deal, someone is going to get screwed. That someone will eventually be you. Perhaps you can tip the scales, by buying thing on sale and seeking good deals. These in the short term pay off. But in the long run, they get more off you and out of you, then you will ever skim off their profits. In the long run, the scales will be scamming you. They pay your neighbor cheaply, they provide little, slowly starving him; how long do you think before you will be in his shoes?
Corporations are not innocent, simply filling a need. The Big company creates a product and becomes a big group, telling its employees and society: this is a necessary status item. With big groups coercing small groups into buying. The large companies create false desires, playing on fears. Inadequacy, physical or emotional insecurities are 'fixed', just buy our hair jell, our makeup, our diet food, our low calorie meals. The flashy clothes, shiny shoes and pimple jell, what do they share with diet pills, most medication and SUVs? A false answer to a decayed world. You don't need them. Despite social acceptability, persuasive advertising and clever marketing, there is no legitimate need for the vast majority of the items in the world. There may be an artificial want, but very seldom, a legitimate need. yet wants are normalized and made to appear as needs. Corporate manipulation of media and therefore our lives, gives them undue control over us, our impulses and choices. The company becomes more a power than our family or our job and the mindless mimicry of a meaningful life begins. We buy, we work to buy, we buy to feel validated, then the goods become old and break and we work to buy more, a state of perpetual slavery until death, passed from generation to generation until the world dies or we break the cycle.
They say the number of goods will drive the costs down. This is only half true. First they use this justification to destroy landscapes, disrupt local economies and infrastructure and say if we paid more we would not be competitive. This logic bites the dust, because if it were true prices would drop further when profits were made, so they could sell even more. But we don't see this instead we see the same prices, even when the people could be well paid. We see high prices, even when the land could be restored, but instead we see huge profits. Profits not equaled by social responsibility or environmental justice. We see an inhumane, lumbering, mechanical, beast, consuming and crushing all that dares oppose it. Second, we see the farther on side, where they actually raise prices, again and again, creating upward spiraling costs- like in the pharmaceutical industry, instead of a race down, we see a race up.

To make a profit the companies will pay their employees less and pay less for raw materials and drive to produce so much it drives competitors out of the market. In an effort to do so they ignore all costa round them. They say 'good for business', this frequently means bad for people. If this were capitalism and there were many shops with 10 employees maximum- instead of Multi-national conglomerates... well the story would be different. The corporatist system we have now is destructive and corrupting. There is little escape for those with a conscience, for the machine grinds on dragging the body and soul with it. displacing communities or exploiting them- for without land they are forced to work in wretched conditions.

Corporatism generates a dehumanizing of the government. Here we find why the Neo-Liberal and Conservative system exist, to support and rationalize the destruction of the corporate beast. The beast needs more resources and people to exploit. Finding the industrial world insufficient, it turns its greedy head upon everywhere else. Once called imperialism, where one government would invade another to steal resources. Now we let governments do it themselves. Like slavery, it is more efficient to let workers clothe, house and feed themselves, so we let countries govern themselves, but this does not make them free, no indeed. The corporate system holds them down and lets the government march against it's own people! We see in Chiapas, the people are displaced so corporate interests can exploit, we see in Brazil, the forests destroyed and in both cases native peoples displaces to make room for the rending corporate beast.

In stead of supporting human rights, we see their degradation. In the place of freedom or economic opportunity, we see forced conformity to the economic model and more desperate conditions. One need look no farther than the ghettos of the United State's inner city, the impoverished Barrios and sprawling shacks housing millions on Rio de Janeiro. The Corporate structure corrupts governments, tells them to let the beast in or be blockaded and shut out. Let the beast in or be deprived and the real result of unfriendly governments is a coup. The CIA and similar organizations enforce the will of the beast, killing all who get in the way. See the SOA, School of the Americas, who trains the assassins and tortures of South America. The distinguished graduates claim such prestigious offices as massacres, torture camps and gencidal campaigns- funded by the United States government.

When everyone seeks there own interest, it leads to tragic suffering. It is not as though there is a global power share and everyone does better. Instead what we see is a horrifying and intensifing suffering. If we get a 'good deal' someone is getting shafted, for a time it may be a company with low profit margin, for a time it may be a worker in a third world country. For a time it may be the janitors and tellers receiving no benefits. For a time it may be the Unions taking pay cuts or being broken all together, for a time it may be the local governments giving industrial incentives. For a time it may be the environment being depleted of its purity, rivers dammed, forests cut down, mountains blown up, ore strip-mined, field barren and desert-ified, cattle caged and waste dumping of toxins into the soil. For a time we can do do these things and then it comes back to us. Then it is you and me. It is you and me the company screws, the company makes ours the third-world country, gives us no benefits, it will be our unions being broken, our lives threatened for trying to organize. It will be our cities and communities bankrupt, from having given incentives, which will never be repaid. It will be our environment, our rivers with no salmon runs, poor irrigation and drought. Our overheated plains and barren landscapes, our flat rocky crags and dust in the air, our water ways poisoned, our food poisoned. It will be our cancer, it will be our country, it will be our deformed children, our poisoned air land an water. 

This comes from Coke, from Walmart, Shopko, Home Depot, Pepsi, Nike, Russle Athletics, Monsanto, Dow Chemical, Shell, BP, Target, Exxon, and all the other big Box Marts----- These are not people, they are corporations; the difference between the two is that you can't shoot a corporation in the head. They don't die. When you kill one CEO you get 10 more greedy bastards willing to pop up and take their place. Like a horrible monstrosity strangling the government, bleeding the people and acting the part of a social parasite. If anyone complains about a person on food-stamps, on welfare, or in need, laugh at them. Say "If you want to see leaches go to a chain store, go to a big box, look at their profits, their taxes and the suffering they cause. If you want to see leaches in the community, look the companies who force sub-standard living conditions on their employees. Paying starvation wages and bleeding communities. This creates despair, this creates fractured communities, families and homes. If you want to see leaches and parasites look to Walmart, K-mart, Shopko, Pepsi, Coke, Look to McDonald's, Burger King, The big fashion, big food, big clothes, big cars, big housing, big books, big manufacturing, big military. If you want leeches, take a good LONG look at them. If you want the food-stamps paid back, I want my life paid back! Pour gasoline on THOSE leeches, those bastards! Log their mangaer's homes, poison their water, rob them like they robbed you. See if they return the money. " On corporations: That which cannot die, should never be born.

The Murderers,
TheThieves and
The Liars.

If you want community "There is only one thing that will do any good, any good at all. Look at it... turn your back and say fuck it!"- Ken Kesey. If we have one thing to learn, it is, that we need to take our community, take our environment and do whatever it takes to protect them from neo-Liberalism, Neo-conservatism and corporate interests. Blockade, Build and Break their march into our community, no cash is worth the trail of destruction they leave behind.

Some would say Burn, Break or Bomb them. I do not. The families building their stores are people too, I would rather have them arrested or give them alternatives- put them to work elsewhere. These stores exist because there are idle hands are ignorant minds. Arrests them, restrain them from building- but if you attack them, they will be justified in attacking you- they will characterize you as terrorist, as dangerous they will try to kill you. These companies have money and can buy the prosecution, buy the judge by hiring his friends into their service. They are not above shooting you; Coca-Cola bosses killed the union organizers in South America. The US government itches at the chance to lock up and brutalize resisters. They relish the opportunity to create martyrs and say there are terrorists, be afraid, be very afraid. They use violence to justify their own. Some individual agents say we should resist them with violence, for the fear of reprisal, is the state's strongest tool of repression! Perhaps, but the use of violence justifies their violence. I will not exercise it, because the state then has all the reason to hurt me and everyone I know. Drive out the big store, get the city to block the roads leading to their stores. Remember the cat wants his cream and a black cat isn't seen at night

So how to respond, build local workshops, build your own shoes, shirts, pants and under garments. Grow your own food, do your own baking. Start with essentials then brach out, cleaning, housing, washing. Build community this way and protect the natural resources you live around! Demonstrate tot he world why this place, where you live is worth keeping. Decide what you will not give up for money and fight for it, demonstrate its beauty to the world. Build your own autonomous community and stand in solidarity with others.