Saturday, March 20, 2010

Go Ducks! But LTD can kiss by sweaty, shaven nut-sack

No doubt you have heard this cry across campus? (In case you haven't some guy rides his bike with trailer across campus semi-regularly in the mornings.) Does anyone know for certain why this guy holds such a grudge?

We've heard rumors that it was because LTD didn't let him take his trailer on the bus during a rain storm. Is this true?

We would be best not to get on this guy's bad side.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Bike Touring and refreshments! New 2,4000 mile bike route.

We just got sent this email by the Adventure Cycling Association who work to inspire people to travel by bicycle. Although you may not have been technically invited, we encourage you to attend the even as our guest.

We'd like to invite you to a very special Adventure Cycling gathering in Eugene on Thursday, April 8 from 7:00 to 8:30 pm. Adventure Cycling's Jim Sayer and Jenn Milyko will be in town to unveil the brand new 2,400 mile Sierra Cascades Bicycle Route and to share the latest news on bicycle travel and adventures in North America (and perhaps beyond!). This will be a grand celebration with our friends at REI, which provided financial support for route research. We are especially excited because the Sierra Cascades route takes the Adventure Cycling Route Network over 40,000 miles – to our knowledge, the largest mapped bicycle-friendly route system in the world!

Join us at REI's Store in central Eugene for this important event. Refreshments will be provided and the fun will begin at 7:00, with the program starting at 7:30. For directions, click on -- or call (541) 465-1800.

Please RSVP by April 5th by responding to this email or calling me, Beth Petersen, at 800-755-2453 x 211. We also encourage you to invite cycling colleagues, other friends or family. The event is free and open to the public.

We are looking for a few volunteers to help with the event and prepping the gathering location. Please contact Beth Petersen at or 800-755-2453 ext. 210 if you are interested.

Thanks and hope to see you there.

Happy riding,

Beth Petersen
Adventure Cycling Association
800-755-2453 x 211
Inspiring people to travel by bicycle for fitness, fun and self discovery.

What could be better that bikes and refreshments

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Student government, activists pass anti-bottled water legislation

Older News is still good news.
After final confirmation from Constitution Court, the resolution will effectively halt purchasing of bottled water with student fee monies.

University of Oregon student government approved today the Take Back the Tap resolution, which prohibits the expenditure of student fee monies on bottled water. The resolution was authored by the Climate Justice League, a new student group on campus, as well as members of student Senate.

"I'm thrilled that the efforts of 30 environmental leaders on the Take Back the Tap campaign resulted in resounding support for the resolution," student senator Jeremy Blanchard said. "[It] shows that students are ready to make the change necessary to move toward a more sustainable, just campus." Blanchard is also one of the co-founders of the Climate Justice League.

The Take Back the Tap resolution was originally approved at the February 24 student Senate meeting and expected to be finalized at the March 3 meeting. However, a Senate rule requiring approval from the student Rules committee created confusion as to whether Senate could actually finalize the resolution. Despite the possible violation of its own rules, Senate voted to confirm the resolution. The student Constitution Court approved today the resolution for immediate implementation.

UO Climate Justice League is a new student group formed out of the successful PowerShift West event in November, which had over 500 attendees from various west coast states. Our mission is to empower students to organize their communities and be leaders in the climate justice movement. By using targeted campaigns, we will work together toward a safe, just and sustainable future for all.

Tea Baggers: If they win, we all lose

Original Source Video: The Columbus Dispatch
COLUMBUS - In a scene reminiscent of non-violent civil rights confrontations from the 1960s, Ohio Tea Partiers quickly turned ugly when facing off with health care advocates in front of Ohio Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy's office Tuesday.

In shocking video taken by a Columbus Dispatch reporter Doral Chenowith yesterday, Tea Party protestors mock a seated counter-protestor with a sign indicating he has Parkinson's disease. They then proceed to hurl wadded up bills at him shouting, "I'll decide when to give you money!"

On March 17th outside of Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy's (D-OH15) district office teabaggers mocked and scorned a man who had a sign stating that he had Parkinson's. They told him "he's in the wrong end of town to ask for handouts", called him a communist and threw dollar bills at him to "pay for his health care".

And here is the rest of it after the break.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How Green is UO?

The University of Oregon campus isn't as 'green' as its reputation. Interview sources, Karissa Beals of Campus Recycling, and Chris Stratton, a Graduate teaching fellow from the Environmental Studies program confirm that the UO's efforts are not sufficient.

Brought to you by the wonders of the Internet.