Saturday, May 29, 2010

BP Fucks up, again.

Doug Suttles, CEO of PB announced today  that the 'top kill' plan failed. Utterly.

Top kill would have pumped tons of sand and sediment into the oil tube gushing high pressure liquids and gas to stop the flow and then sealed it with cement. Industry 'specialists' were called in to make the problem go away. They can't. 


Because the industry specialists don't know what they are doing. They are hacks, paid big salaries to be officials that testify that the effects of the corporation they work for are not going to be serious. They are unprepared, not knowledgeable and drilling where we ought not drill, mining in too dangerous areas and using chemicals and worthless fail safes. 

11 died, 17 more injured and a relentless leak pouring oil from more than a mile underwater. 

The so-called experts, working for the corporations don't know what they are doing, they never have. They lied to congress and to the committees to obtain permits. The well is broken and oil is spilling. The liars are caught with their pants down. We ought to tie them up, and stick them in the leaking pipe. 

If a corporation in a person, then let's hold the CEO's to the same level of accountability. What would happen if a person dumped a barrel of oil in your back yard, they would be fined, let's multiply that fine by 5000-70,000 (number of barrels pouring out each day) and multiply that by the number of days this goes on (more than a month >30 days). 

The experts don't know, they never knew and are just as liable as the CEO. They lied, people are out of work and the effects have reached the shore and leak has gone unabated! We should never have built that far offshore, that far underwater and the the lying thieves should go to the hell they made.

GO Ducks!

Live from NW Folk Life in Seattle

I had to go all the way to Seattle to discover Chervona from Portland. Worth the drive. Anyhoo... back to the festival.

I'm going to see Blackbird Raum on the folk punk stage!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Prison industrial complex.

One writer for the universities' mainstream paper the Oregon Daily emerald, prisons and a life of crime as a great deal of correlation with one's economic status.

One the (many) systemic problems emerging from this class tragedy, happens to create sub-tragedies. The Prison industrial complex, fed by judges who who get kickbacks from private prisons. Judges who are not getting kick backs have their hands tied twofold, one with the alternate pressure to convict, because they know the prosecutors and have a working relationship and two because they length of sentences and imprisonment requirements of many offenses are becoming stricter. These effects in turn fill the prisons and create new sets of problems. 

The 'criminal' largely held on account of an already biased system, will be subject to various forms of torture. A few being solitary confinement or 'the hole' which allows no outside contact. This amounts  to sensory depravation. 'Treatments' and 'correctional' tools are horrible and draconian, encouraging only fear. A fear-based society being one that most would not appreciate. This system designed to scare or create a dissuading factor for criminals has the opposite effect! Indeed many incarcerated gain greater skills, some become a part of almost compulsory prison gangs. Both of which effect one's behavior outside prison, in this way the 'justice system' is counter intuitive.

The system is justified only by the serial killers, those seriously deranged (Although even these people can benefit from humane treatment, counseling and other non-physical interactions). Aside from this factor there is no incentive to actually lock people up. At least there wasn't until prison labor came around. Based in compulsory civic service (forced manual labor), the modern system contracts the captive prisoners and makes them do labor- for the profit of industry. This becomes essentially slave labor, where the worker is compensated as a sub-minimum wage. Further, one prison feeds only basic nutrients and puts the humans into tents, amid squalor. It is unclear today which is more toxic the mind of the vicious criminal or the mind who delights in creating torture for the captive human. 

Like the man who invented lynching, Mr.Lynch, who used the technique to break the captive spirit and set an example. The prison keeper will confine, effectively torture and make a slave of the confined inmate. This system justified in a false sense of justice, and maintained as a state-run, for-profit slavery, this is an injustice.

The things we do for entertainment

The things we do for fun... are taking a lot of time. According to a google study, the average American watches 5 hours of TV a day. This is undoubtedly detracting from family and community ties. Instead of participating in public affairs, Americans have a propensity to stare are a bunch of flickering lights.

This is not entirely surprising following the decline in participation civically. While some eat and watch TV, or perform other activities. Some who are watching are watching the news and being informed. This situation however, is also covered in daytime TV, reality shows, sitcoms. That much TV cannot help but be accompanied by atrophic behavior, leading to obesity and declines in civic participation. On the plus side, a definite target for revolutionary interruption of laziness.