Friday, June 4, 2010

Nothing Nice to Say

I was reading some old web comics and came across this gem by Mitch Clem, who happens to produce "the worlds first online punk comic," an award he earned because he made it up himself. Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

P.S. The comic refrences an event similar to this one.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Most of the survivors have been released from the Israeli commandeering of aid vessels. 

These four have not been released however;
Sheikh Raed Sala, Sheikh Hamad Abu Daabes, Mr. Muhammed Zeidan and Ms. Lubna Masarwa

and instead are facing charges, it is unclear what those charges will be.

One survivor reports:
"The aggression came from the sky, from helicopters from which soldiers came down by ropes. We waited in the fore room and saw them carrying an Israeli soldier who looked to me like he'd had a breakdown. Then the second and third came, but after these three injured soldiers then I saw a lot – maybe 10 – passengers who were severely hurt, injured, covered in blood. They were treated in the salon next to me. One was so badly injured I am sure he must have died soon after. I didn't even consider going upstairs as it was just too dangerous."

but no word on official Israeli story.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

16 dead Under Fire from Israeli military

A Flotilla of ships carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza, attempted to run an Israeli blockade this night- 5/30/10. 

One of the ships carrying food and medical supplies was boarded by helicopter and ten on that boat are dead. The remaining fleet is on track, though official reports show that some have been detained and rerouted by force. 

More loss of life for an area already full of suffering. Total death count on Aljazeera is at 16.

An Israeli group Stand with us claims the crew of the boats did not take a letter for a captive israeli solider and is therefore illegitimate, since the Pro-Palestinian group did not fully embrace the humanitarian mission they claimed. 

The ships left from Turkey and now in response to the deaths, in Istanbul citizens are now rioting at the Israeli embassy. 

This period will now be trying for the families of the dead flotilla crew and for the Israeli embassy workers. 

The Israeli army created a blockade to prevent weapons flow into Gaza, but rockets have periodically continued to flow despite the blockade, so it seems pointless, excepts now, to clearly halt even humanitarian aid. Food, medical supplies and clothing. The Palestinian ship's crew was unarmed. 

The use of force by the state is necessary only to preserve the basic health of its people. This force has ended the lives and acted against the interest of the people of Gaza. 

Why the Israeli army didn't just search the vessel, for the weapons they fear and let them go, we will likely never know. But today marks a solemn period of mourning, for again, a state uses weapons against an unarmed people. Like in Thailand, Tibet, Sudan, etc. The Israeli government has only further cemented it's position as an illegitimate and evil force on this earth. If Israel would let Palestine be and halt settlement expansion, the rockets would stop. In the meantime however, the United States is funding this operation, giving millions every day to continue this blockade, the demolition of Palestinian homes and the encroachment of Palestinian territory. 

for updates in english on the event check Aljazeera or