Thursday, June 10, 2010

A call out

In the interest of Education. The Insurgent is putting a call out- we want to know

"What radical or underground movements are active in the United States today?"

If anyone has names and a website or a news link. This is to help empower ourselves with the stories of struggle and victory, tell your friends that we want to know- what is happening today in America? We are NOT asking for personal stories of for people to reveal themselves or their actions, we are just looking to get a list and help develop a 'strategy guide and historical compendium'.

An example might be:

The Animal Liberation Front (ALF)
has done break-ins to free animals, bomb buildings and outlets, leafleted around stores using animal testing.

Earth First (EF!)
Forest Defence Action, tree sits, lock downs, barricades, banner drops, tree spiking, etc.

Cascadia Summers/Cascadia Forest Defence (CDF)
Tree sits, direct action

Take Back The Land (TBTL)
Direct action, pairing homeless families with homes, lock downs, sit-ins, public utility negotiation.

Tell us more, what is happening in your area or what have you heard about.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Forest Defense Memories...

In preparation for this weekend's Cascadia Action Camp 2010 we look back on last year's formation of the Elliott Free State. I get all excited when I think of what this summer will bring.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer means it's time for Action


Join us in the trees for another summer of resistance!
West Coast Earth First! Rendezvous and CFD Action Camp converge this weekend June 11th through 13th.

This will be an opportunity to sharpen your direct action and forest skills. Most importantly, this will be THE BEST WAY to plug into the CFD's summer campaign to defend Oregon's native forests.

Climb trainings
State of Oregon's forests
Field surveying
Know your rights
Government repression and the Green Scare
Wilderness survival
... and much more!
- sleeping bag and tent
- clothes for sun, rain, and swimming
- water bottle and extra water
- flashlight and batteries
- that good ol fire in your soul
- passion, enthusiasm, ideas, and skills
- food: there will be communal meals, but please bring snack food, extra food for yourself, and food to donate to the kitchen
- your own bowl, cup, spoon, fork, and knife
- willingness to help out and participate
- sunscreen and bug repellent
- instruments
- extra tarp to contribute to camp! You will get this back.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Knight Library evacuated on Sunday before Finals!

At Apprx. 11:22pm The fire alarm was pulled in the Knight Library. The intercom was taken over by an artificial male voice commanding everyone to leave the building, as 'a fire alarm had been activated, this is not a drill, please leave the building, do not use the elevator'.... This message repeated itself on a loop.

While some speculated that the fire-alarm was pulled by someone who wanted a table, others thought it might be a distraction to steal valuable books. Meanwhile the DPS officers arrived on seen, not to alarm anyone they said "you know as much as we do".

Nearly everyone evacuated by stairs as the fire-doors closed.

For one student it was not a joke, a self identified 'pyro-phobe' screamed "I thought this was going to be like inferno and I would need to jump out a window".

DPS concluded that it was a individual who pulled an alarm on the third floor.

Whoever did this, come on, really? Really? Some of us have finals in the morning. 

Go Ducks.

Good Luck on Finals

For every student, there is shot of adrenaline.
For every paper, there is a thousand unopened books.
For every online, in-class and closed/open book test, there are no-dos and toothpicks.
For every unemployed graduate, there is forest defense this summer! 

An Open Letter Regarding The 2010 U.S. Assembly of Jews: Confronting Racism & Israeli Apartheid

The Jewish anti-zionist network sent this press release to the student Insurgent, it is reprinted below: 
In less than a month, people from across the United States and beyond will be gathering at the 2010 U.S. Assembly of Jews: Confronting Racism and Israeli Apartheid (the "Assembly"). 

The Assembly is an historic event intended to build relationships, political clarity and Jewish anti- Zionist organizing and activism. It takes place at a time when recognition of the brutal nature of the State of Israel is growing, and increasing numbers of people are compelled to challenge its impunity. To date, the Assembly has over forty endorsers, anticipates two hundred participants, and has gained the interest of Palestinian, Palestinian solidarity and anti-racist movements in the United States, as well as the attention of mainstream Jewish media.  

Given the stated purposes of the Assembly, we are expecting challenges to be leveled against it. IJAN, the main organizer of the Assembly, is already receiving criticism based on inaccurate assumptions or apparently different political goals. With this momentous event upon us, we would like to take a moment to make clear the principles, positions and goals of the Assembly and help correct or prevent misconceptions.  

IJAN and the Assembly stand firmly against Zionism – the exclusionary colonial ideas, policies and practice that privilege Jews above, and at the expense of, Palestinian people. By extension we reject the Jewish nationalism that underlies Zionism, a nationalism that erases diverse Jewish histories and champions safety in separation, isolation and domination of others. We believe that true safety and long-term freedom can only be found in the emancipation of all people.  

We expressly challenge Zionism’s monopolization of our diverse Jewish histories, politics, cultures and religious practices.  We take strength from and join in the long tradition of Jewish commitment to human emancipation.  Against the Zionist betrayal of this tradition and the hijacking of Jewish history, the Assembly is a collective act of Jews reasserting and reconnecting with a long history of participation in social justice movements. 

In the same way that we reject Zionism’s inherent racism, we reject racism and hatred in any form and against any people or person. Thus we refuse to ally ourselves with anti-Jewish racists, white supremacists or Holocaust deniers. To do otherwise, would mean to embrace the Zionist strategy of conflating Judaism and Jewishness with Zionism, a tactic used to assume and even impose unconditional support of Jews for Israel regardless of that State’s actions. In our unequivocal rejection of Zionism, we do not and will not take part in actions that conflate Zionism and Judaism, whether intentionally or thoughtlessly. We believe that supporting Palestinian self-determination requires challenging Zionist ideas, policies and practice, not the practice of Judaism.  

To ensure that we are neither divisive nor obtrusive guests in Detroit, the Assembly will not endorse participation in any political activities other than those developed through the collaborative national process of the organizing for it. We request Assembly participants not to be provoked by those who may attempt to undermine the objectives of the Assembly, including by calling for our participation in activities outside of and contradictory to it.  

In addition, IJAN will not align itself with those who either seek to use the struggle against Zionism for their own ends, individual or collective, or who proclaim themselves anti-Zionist but whose divisive actions serve only to further a Zionist agenda, undermining Palestine solidarity work and anti-Zionist organizing.  Rather, the Assembly is intended to promote the building of organized forces of Jews who can multiply and amplify efforts to overcome Zionism and decolonize Palestine, by working with and in support of the Palestinian struggle for liberation.   

To that end, we welcome all who are 1) interested in supporting the organizing of anti-Zionist Jews as part of the broader Palestine solidarity movement and anti-racist, anti-imperialist organizing in the United States and beyond, 2) committed to the principles reflected in the Assembly's purpose, goals, assumptions and expectations, and 3) able to express this commitment through participation that supports the goals and activities of the Assembly. While we welcome discussions on our continually evolving struggle to overcome the destructiveness, including of life and land, of Zionist principles, practices and policies, we will not tolerate attempts to disrupt, undermine, provoke or attack participants, speakers or facilitators.  

The International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network