Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Guns, Bullets and the 'right' to shoot anybody anywhere!

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled earlier this week, that Chicago's long-standing handgun ban cannot stand. This may be a blessing and a curse. If there is need of a revolution ('if' with some sarcasm), This will speed its presence. The riots in Chicago in 1968, may well have ended in the overthrow of the state, if the people had been well armed. The people outnumber the police, the military and if we threw the leaders off our backs, it could be done easier with a gun. 

Bt of course, you cant kill the devil with a bullet of a sword.

Yet until the revolution and after, the devil will live inside us. The people will hurt, maim, kill and bring suffering, like harbingers of evil. The church-bells will never stop chiming in mourn, until we all put down our weapons. Arming our homes may feel safer, but how many people are protected? How many people will suffer a worse fate, because they walked into a situation carrying 'heat'. How many triggers will slip, in nervous hands? How many children will be shot by irresponsibly unattended firearms? How many gangs will grow, bringing the bullet with them? When the burglar walks into your home, maybe you shoot him and he dies. Maybe that same burglar shoots you and you die, whereas with no gun you get restrained and loose some money. How many people will snap and with easy access to a gun will kill their co-workers, themselves, their family, friends, neighbors. It only take one to make a tragedy and Chicago is made of millions. Now its a waiting game, where little tickers will mark the passing of time and suffering of families. 

How long, until the memorials on street corners, will spill into the street? 

You can say the gun won't kill, only people kill, but then there's the misfire. So that doesn't really hold up. Further what are guns made for? you don't build bridges with guns, you don't tie ropes, wash dishes, make art or cook tarts. Guns kill, that their exclusive purpose, so yes Guns kill, they kill because that is what they do, perhaps sometimes they kill defensively, but is that not sill killing? Is launching a fast flying chunk of metal not like throwing a stone, punching and indeed attacking? What other conclusion could you possibly draw from a gun's existence, but that it kills. If you wear a demon on your back and sick it on a person, is that not still attacking?

"Any idiot can kill, it takes more courage lay down you weapon". 

We all know that violence begets violence and even an act of 'self defense' will be murder, will be killing, will be loss of life. Such a decision is wearing down on us, on our culture. Ask yourself, where does all this lead. At the end of the day will we have more bridges, ropes, clean dishes, art or cookies? No. Will we have more coffins?