Saturday, December 31, 2011

Music Spotlight: Bright Eyes

by Joel DeVyldere

I hope the coming of the New Year evokes thoughts dreams of revolution in every young heart. And here's a classic to help with this:

Bright Eyes' I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning made it's berth almost seven years back, an aching mid-war critique of the pro-war States.

The lead single First Day of My Life may have garnered the most publicity, but the album is far from a one-hit sideshow; it's brilliance speaks to all stages of 21st-century war-mongering and its less-than-willing supporters.

More than that, Morning is honest, the half-hearted confession of the disaffected and aching American public. Give it a listen, kids, but don't stay depressed forever.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

West Coast Port Shutdowns

Protestors march toward the port in Oakland, Ca.
by Joel DeVyldere

Ports were shut down yesterday  all up and down the West coast of the United States by members of the Occupy movement. 

Key motivations include solidarity with the Longshore workers unions' struggle against the import company EGT and retaliation against police violence against protestors on the West coast.

There were reports of police violence at the port shutdowns in Seattle and San Diego, a condition which inspired members of Occupy Oakland, who first called for the West Coast blockade, to extend their port-blocking action into late Monday night.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Music Spotlight: Joe Pug

by Joel DeVyldere

"I've come to meet the sheriff and his posse, to offer him the broad side of my jaw..."
The declaration of defiance, confrontation and autonomy named Hymn 101 is a rambling man's lament and celebration.

It's music to get assaulted by the police to, and with it Joe Pug opens his classic 2008 EP Nation of Heat.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Darknet Project: netroots activists dream of global mesh network

By Ryan Paul

A group of Internet activists gathered last week in an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel to begin planning an ambitious project—they hope to overcome electronic surveillance and censorship by creating a whole new Internet. The group, which coordinates its efforts through the Reddit social networking site, calls its endeavor The Darknet Project (TDP).

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Protests and Riots

by Seth Manzel

Before struggles evolve into open warfare, they often manifests themselves in the form of protests and riots. People who feel that the political system is not responding to their grievances sometimes take to the streets to demonstrate to the establishment and public at large they are unhappy with the current situation. The objective of a protest is to bring about change through a symbolic show of force.
The road to political significance is long and winding for the protester. The activist is depending on many things to be in line for his/her message to be effective.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Friends of the Forest Rally to save some of the last old growth!

If you haven't already, I hope that you block off the first half of your
day on*Tuesday, October 11 and dedicate it to change for Oregon's State
Forests*. The State Land Board, made up of Governor Kitzhaber, Secretary
Brown and Treasurer Wheeler, will be making a final decision on a
proposed 40% clearcutting ramp-up on the Elliott State Forest
. A dire situation is about to get
worse as the land board is expected to adopt the new forest plan that
will sanction clearcutting of 850-1,000 acres of complex rainforest each
year. This is troubling as the Elliott is a lifeboat for the federally
listed Marbled Murrelet, Northern Spotted Owl and Oregon Coast Coho
Salmon amidst the Coast Range.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Palestine and the US empire

Palestine shall be the watchword for the US empire.

The creation of a Palestinian State, to be recognized by the United Nations has been the subject of some controversy. The US has never exerted such pressure to prevent human rights developments.

Currently Israel is a military powerhouse and controls the borders into the shrinking areas of Palestine. Shrinking as Israeli border settlements continue develop, being defended by the IDF, pushing Palestinians deeper into the West Bank and the Gaza strip. The borders are pushed deeper into Palestine, despite efforts of the Palestinian land owners to defend the land and groups like the 'Israeli Committee Against Home Demolition'(ICAHD) who rebuild the destroyed Palestinian homes.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Occupy Wall St. Releases its one demand.

This is the fifth communiqué from the 99 percent. We are occupying Wall Street.

On September 21st, 2011, Troy Davis, an innocent man, was murdered by the state of Georgia. Troy Davis was one of the 99 percent.

Ending capital punishment is our one demand.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Prisons and Crime

Pelican Bay Super-max Prison engaged in a hunger strike to improve conditions which began July 1st and was sustained until July 22nd. Thousands of prisoners across racial lines joined in and the hunger strike which spread across the California Prison system and as far as Chicago's Joliet Prison in solidarity.

"Their demands include an end to long-term solitary confinement, collective punishment, and forced interrogation on gang affiliation. The prisoners have also stated that they are willing to give up their lives unless their demands are met."- Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity website.

The Prisoners demands are a reminder that the State retains a gulag system, willing to deprive humans- supposedly in an attempt to reform 'immoral' actions. Prisoners understand for themselves the most necessary elements necessary to maintain their humanity, however for those on 'the outside', it is necessary to be critical of the justice system as a whole.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Taking ‘Take Back the Tap’ all the way to President Lariviere

Eugene, OR - The Take Back the Tap (TBTT) campaign, a trademark of Food and Water Watch, being run on the University of Oregon campus by the Climate Justice League, finds support from President Lariviere to discontinue the sale, purchase, and distribution of bottled water.

“President Lariviere has final say over whether or not our policy becomes a reality on this university, so having his support is very exciting,” says Manny Garcia, a campaign coordinator.

This policy has already been endorsed by the Environmental Issues Committee and the University Senate Executive Committee and has support from over 1,700 students. During the meeting with the President, Take Back the Tap members discussed the benefits to the university from this policy and the logistics of its implementation.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Trapper sale invalidated!

May 24, 2011

EUGENE, OR - Conservation groups and community members today hailed a district court decisionthat declared the Trapper timber sale illegal. The timber sale, located in the McKenzie River watershed, the source of Eugene's drinking water, would have logged 155 acres of never-before-logged mature forest in the Blue River area of the Willamette National Forest.

Federal Judge Tom Coffin ruled that in approving the timber sale the U.S. Forest Service violated a basic federal environmental law. Judge Coffin wrote:

"The public is entitled to be accurately informed of the impact of the proposed action on the [northern spotted owl] and to have a meaningful opportunity to weigh in on the proposalŠ[A]pproval of the Trapper Timber Sale were based on a factual inaccuracy and the public has yet to be informed of the actual findings."

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

War on Terror & War on Trafficking

War on Terror & War on Trafficking:
Why Irrational Panic over 'Modern Day Slavery' Harms Women

Thursday May 19th, from 6-730pm in Condon 104, University of Oregon.

Presented by Emi Koyama, War on Terror & War on Trafficking examines “facts” promoted by the anti-trafficking groups and “experts,” and exposes how they have distorted our conversations about sex trafficking and prostitution and harmed women, sex workers, immigrants, and others.

The presentation also explores many ways in which the new War on Trafficking resembles the so-called War on Terror in its worldview, approach, and devastating impact on vulnerable communities.

Emi Koyama is a multi-issue social justice activist and writer synthesizing feminist, Asian, survivor, dyke, queer, sex worker, intersex, genderqueer, and crip politics. Her work has been published in Color of Violence: An Incite! Anthology, The Transgender Studies Reader, the companion volume to Women’s Movement Today: An Encyclopedia of Third Wave Feminism, and other books, as well as Bitch, Tikkun, Women’s Studies Quarterly and other periodicals.

Come to find out why:

• Average age of entry into prostitution is not 12-14 year old
• 300,000 children are not at risk of being trafficked
• A third of runaway youth are not trafficked within first 48 hours
• Super Bowl and World Cup did not contribute to human trafficking
• Portland is not “Pornland, Oregon”
• “End Demand” approach targeting “johns” harms women
• Anti-trafficking “experts” should not be trusted (remember Bill Hillar?)
• Trafficking is often the State’s excuse to raid immigrants and communities of color
• Anti-trafficking movement distorts reality and misleads public policy

Please spread the word!

This event sponsored by Student Insurgent!

The Student Insurgent is hosting: 'What a Man Looks Like'

What a Man Looks Like: Transgender Slam Poetry by Oscar Scandal McNary!

Ben Linder Room on the lower level of the Erb Memorial Union (EMU) on the University of Oregon campus. 13th and University St. Eugene, OR.

Celebrate the Rapture with a slam poetry performance. Seattle's Oscar Scandal McNary will also be reading from his blog and other writings.

Oscar works for social justice through spoken word poetry, activist workshops, and porn. His quirky poetic style ranges from comedic musings on street harassment to vulnerable explorations of his inconsistencies. He uses his performances to promote explicit consent, celebrate queer and trans identities, and to combat oppression.

He competes weekly in the Seattle Poetry Slam, and this one time, he won it. He has been featured at trans and queer spoken word events such as Boston's Transcriptions and Seattle's Spit! He is the author of the porn zine “Hell Yeah!” and stars in the porn “Yes, Please!” with Javier Rey available soon on Q Tube.

He also writes a blog about his experiences as a polyamorous queer transman, a survivor of sexual violence loving his body, sex- positive feminism, challenging transphobia, racism and other forms of oppression among other topics. His work can be found at and

Oscar identifies as a femme transfag. He hopes to improve the visibility of non-passing trans people by looking totally gay all the time. He thinks baseball pants are sexy. He often wishes he was a 1935 drag queen.

His new chapbook “Saran Wrap Leisure Suit” will be available for purchase at the event.

Sponsored by the Student Insurgent, Survival Center, and Student Cooperative Association.

Questions can be directed to

This is a Student Insurgent Event. Please come on down!

Civil Liberties Defense Center Benefit

Fill this rift with Justice!

June Full Moon:16,17th
Transportation provided, Eugene meet up: 7pm. Location TBA. Return 1230-1am. Dessert and drinks served at sunset by the McKenzie before we put in.

Go to to register!

Contact Jasmine:

The Student Insurgent strongly encourages attendance.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Corporate Ownership Of Human Life?

The Student Insurgent condemns the mainstream media. A recent story in Time Magazine was defending fracking- that process of pumping unknown chemicals into the ground to force natural gas up. The leftover sludge invariably leaks into local ground water and food. With news stories like that, the discourse is all wrong.

Being forced to defend clean drinking water is like arguing for your life with someone who has a knife to your throat. The discourse then is about justifying your life, while you are already disadvantaged and if you lose, it's your life on the line. That is not the premis for an rational discussion. Since human life requires food, water and sleep, threatening the source of water is like threatening one's life. To lose the debate on fracking is to lose a long debate that requires one to justify their own life. Such a premis is not the basis of a valid discussion, for to lose in courts, politics or elsewhere is to give up the health of human life.

Essentially we must ask ourselves, are we willing to sacrifice people and land, to meet the needs of a privileged, wealthy communities that use the fossil fuels?

If we cannot have control over our water, food or lands. If all that exists can be held by patent, where does this break down?

In a dystopian future of being owned, it will not require guns, whips of chains. It will be in control of our very blood, genes and ownership of our very makeup. I sure wouldn't want to be the supreme court justice that defends the private ownership of human life because 'all the legal precedent was leading that way'.

Monsanto's ownership and patenting of genes is likewise concerning. How long before human life is patented and owned? In a terrible experiment, one has to ask, if we continue to advance in prosthetics and nanotechnology. A doctor's obligation to save lives will require the deployment of this technology on a patient who cannot pay. When the treatment is administered, the company will demand their patented product back and the person will say "No" and the court will find that technology, which cannot be returned will require payment. After a pause, the horror will sink in for the patient, not yet recovered from near-death, a horror that their life just entered indentured servitude. As time goes on the technology will advance and the tech will be administered at birth, as a vaccination and later the population will be enslaved, not with a whip or chain, but by the mere threat that their technology will shut down. At which point we must ask, how much do we value human life.

If we continue to allow the ownership of genes, the clock is ticking until human life become the property of corporations.

The alternative is to respect the collective ownership of land, of the human body, of the necessities of nutritious food, clean water, clean air and shelter to sleep. So in summary, Why corporate media, do you not examine the extension of your argument- that the sacrifice of our wild areas is the sacrifice of our lives. Oh yeah, because you're sellouts. We cannot own others, we cannot own what we share with others, our ideas, our spaces and all the things necessary for our very survival.

The Insurgent stands in solidarity with resistance to the privatization of public goods. Solidarity Forever!


Well, this site was down for a few days while the blogger website was doing internal repairs, or something. Meanwhile two of our last posts were deleted. Go Ducks!

Sorry for any problems or frustrations this may cause.

The stories magically reappeared this afternoon. Great!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

A strong Israeli Lobby.

Dear Mr. DeFazio:

As a veteran I am appalled by the long history of lawless, deceptively justified violence visited by our country both covertly and overtly upon other peoples, and visited by Israel upon the Palestinian people with our military aid and diplomatic protection. The US remains the only obstacle to justice for the robbed and brutalized, almost entirely helpless Palestinians of both the West Bank and Gaza.

I am national vice chair of the Veterans for Peace working group on Israel/Palestine, and we have drafted the following notice for distribution to our chapters nationwide to urge actions in their own communities against HR 1501, an outrageous resolution. I ask that you oppose HR 1501 vigorously.

Jack Dresser, Ph.D.
Eugene, Oregon
Behavioral Research Scientist
Political & Prevention Psychology
National Vice Chair, Israel/Palestine Working Group, Veterans for Peace
Co-director, The Al-Nakba Awareness Project

House Resolution 1501 would Provide Israel Impunity for Gaza Crimes
In a brazen display of the political power of the Israel Lobby over US Middle East foreign policy, legislation has passed the Senate and is now pending in the House to withhold US dues to the UN indefinitely contingent on UN retraction of their Goldstone Mission report. More information is available at the above link. This is a clear effort at extortion to cover up a crime, a felony in any jurisdiction in the developed world. This represents a disgraceful capitulation by our elected leaders to the efforts of a foreign government to evade international law. Congress will be in recess next week and our representatives will be home and accessible to personal visits, demonstrations and other forms of direct communication by constituents. We urge VFP members in districts represented by House members who voted to reject the Goldstone Report to remind them that:
1. Judge Goldstone suggested that further evidence might revise only one of 36 probable war crimes documented in the report.
2. All other members of the commission stand by the report in its entirety, without qualification of any kind.
3. The UN’s McGowan-Davis follow-up committee reports no credible self-investigation by Israel.
4. The US Foreign Assistance Act prohibits foreign aid to any country with a repeated pattern of human rights abuses.
5. Israel’s inhumane blockade of Gaza includes multiple human rights abuses over four years documented by the UN and other international organizations.
6. The US Arms Export Control Act prohibits use of US-supplied weapons except for legitimate self-defense.
7. Many US weapons were used in Operation Cast Lead.
8. The cease-fire was broken by Israel on our election day in 2008, killing six Palestinians, and the retaliatory Qassam rockets launched from Gaza without explosive warheads or directional controls injured no one in Israel.
9. Israel’s subsequent attack indiscriminately killed over 1,400 Palestinians in Gaza including over 300 children and deliberately targeted the civilian police force.
10. The Fourth Geneva Convention prohibits collective punishment, abuse of an occupied population, and use of disproportionate force.
11. General Petraeus has reported that unconditional US support of Israel infuriates the Muslim world and endangers our troops in the CENTCOM theater of operation.
12. This action would constitute extortion to cover up a crime.
A summary of the Goldstone Mission findings is attached in MS Word and PDF formats.
A list of US representatives rejecting the report can be found at

Monday, May 9, 2011

May is Forest Action Month

Starting May 12th, the Survival Center is bringing you non-stop awesome, amazing, in-your-face events! You could learn how to climb trees, how to save wolves, how to organize and how to make guerrilla films! If you come to one of the benefit concerts, we will even teach you how to party!

The goal of Forest Action Month is to remind all of us that Oregon has a long proud history of it's citizens advocating for protection of it's wild places, often in opposition to the law or the powers that be. It is important for this history to be passed down, the skills relearned - Oregon's forests are still for sale and the wildlife is still under attack. Now, more than ever, we must be prepared to defend the forest and the wild places by any means necessary.

We also have started doing Food Not Bombs again! Planning meetings are every Tuesday at 2:30 in the Survival Center. We cook Fridays at noon at the Lorax Manner, 1648 Alder Street. Lunch is served at 2:00 PM in Kesey Square. If you are interested in joining us, come to a meeting or email us at What is Food Not Bombs you ask? We invite you to follow this link - (

Itinerary for Forest Action Month

May 12th - 30 Year History of Earth First! Blue Mountain Biodiversity Project - 6-8 pm - Ben Linder Room - Karen Coulter will be presenting on the history of one of the most effective and radical groups ever to work to protect the Earth. Learn the history of this ragtag band of earth warriors with an experienced activist. For more info about the Blue Mountain Biodiversity Project (

May 13-14th - Camping Trip to Mc Creedy Hot Springs! - N.E.S.T - all day - Want to take a camping trip out to McCredie Hot Springs with Northwest Ecosystem Survey Team! We will be camping, learning how to climb trees and explore the site of one the most intense forest defense campaigns in Oregon's history: Strawdevil. Please RSVP to - space is limited. We will provide transportation and some food, further details available to those who request. For more info on NEST (

May 14th - Pirate Themed Party for the FOREST! Cascadia Forest Defense Fundraiser - Lorax Manner 1648 Alder Street - Starting at 8:00 PM - Fundraiser for Cascadia Forest Defense! Akbar, Ataghost, Cowboy and Idiots and Special Guests! $5 to get in, $3 if you call Seneca Jones at the party entrance and tell them to drop Trapper! For more info about the fight to save this beautiful forest -

May 18th - Role of Radicals in Social Movements - Portland Rising Tide - 6:30 - River Rooms - The workshop will look at the use of narrative and story by social movements for social change. Different types of narratives will be presented as will how to use story effectively and strategically in campaigns. Participants will also learn narrative power analysis and narrative approaches to social change.. For more info about Rising Tide North America (

May 19th - Remixing Political Videos - B Media - 6:30 - PLC 180 -
Learn about Fair Use, how to rip movies off the Internet, why to do it, and what sort of messages you can re-message once you do. Participants will come out of the workshop with knowledge of guerrilla filmmaking and how powerful of a tool it can be. For more info on the B Media Collective (

May 20th – Northwest Ecosystem Survey Team Benefit Concert with Aeon Now! + Guests – Free Skool Warehouse on 299 Garfield - $5 (ish). Celebrate earth defenders and support continued survey efforts this summer! Music, drinks, starry nights, utilitarian architecture and fire dancing!

May 24th - Wolf Wars! - Big Wildlife and Cascadia Wildlands - 6:30 - Ben Linder. We will be watching the film Lords of Nature. Following the film we will have a panel discussion with Cascadia Wildands and Big Wildlife, two activist groups that are involved in the struggle to protect these beautiful and misunderstood animals. For more info on Big Wildlife ( or Cascadia Wildlands

May 25th - The Elliot State Forest - Cascadia Forest Defense and Cascadia Wildlands - 6:30 - 115 Lawrence. The Elliott State Forest is a 93,000 acre temperate rain forest near the Oregon Coast. In Summer 2009, Cascadia Forest Defense put up blockades to try to defend the forest from logging. The result was 27 people were arrested and the slaughter continues. Join Cascadia Forest Defense and Cascadia Wildlands as they discuss what is currently happening in the forest and what tactics can be used to save it. For more info on Cascadia Forest Defenders

May 31st - Rural Organizing Workshop - 6:30 - Walnut Room - This workshop will focus on building relationships and alliances with a diverse coalition, especially between urban and rural communities. We will look at examples of campaigns in rural Oregon, successes, challenges, and failures. The workshop will encompass forest defense, but will be applicable to a broad range of issues. For more info about the Rural Organizing Project - (

The Survival Center is an umbrella organization for social and environmental change. We empower activists on campus and in the community to create radical change.

Forest Action Month is cosponsored by the Climate Justice League, Students Against Empire, the Multicultural Center, Bad Egg Books, The Student Insurgent, International Socialist Organization (Eugene Branch) and the Student Sustainability Center.

If you would like to contact us, whether for media concerns, questions or to RSVP for the NEST camping trip, please contact

If you made it through this entire email maybe you really love the Survival Center. Did you know that we are currently hiring co-directors for next year? That's right, you could be setting up amazing events, be an even more awesome organizer and get paid an insultingly small amount for all of the work you are going to do. Applications are available in our office, located in EMU Suite 1 (the bottom floor of the EMU, in between the Craft Center and the Non-Traditional Student Union) Hope to see you all soon!

The Survival Center

The idea of wilderness needs no defense, it only needs defenders. - Edward Abbey

Omar Offendum to speak on Arabic Poetry at UO

Omar Offendum, Hip-Hop Artist will speak at the University of Oregon.

"Born in the KSA, raised in the USA, harassed by the TSA"

Offendum is a rising star and a political artist. His background is as a bilingual performer, rapping and reciting poetry in English and Arabic. His songs are engaging, drawing on themes of empowerment and historical struggle. Calling on his audiences to "learn from a rich history", of poetry, language and art.

Monday, May 8th, 2011, in the Ben Linder room.

The presentation will be on the influence of Arabic poetry on Offedum's songs.

The Student Insurgent strongly encourages attendance at this event, both to show solidarity with political artists and to learn about our own influences. His work is acclaimed, but kept underground, because no record label to will take his name- it is up to each of us to support real efforts towards a more conscious future.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

More Valuable than Gold!

"There are three resources today of critical value; electricity, oil and leaves. Electricity to power our great city's demands. Second is the oil, which burns, to create our electricity and feeds our society, through artificial fertilizers. But our oil is running out and our society is growing, demanding ever more electricity.

Today marks an epoch, which will burn our future, our society and ourselves. Watch, as leaves and organic matter are burned to power our society.

What they will not say is that as oil runs out, so will petrol fertilizers. We will need fertilizers for our food, upon which the stability of society rests. The great Ohio farmer Jim Preyther remarked " Leaves are more valuable than gold". This Seneca facility wants to burn the most valuable resources we have and that we need- for our fields and farms.

Jones' plant is telling us that when one critical resource- oil, runs out; we should burn the second- Biomass; a resource more valuable than gold, to support the third, electricity. This electricity is not demanded by our homes, or our schools. The great industry is lapping electricity like a dog drinking sea water and we the citizens, will bear the sickness of the dying animal.

This plant will chain us to a system that will justify and demand , not just the excesses of yard waste- it will demand trees, the shrubs and all the green and living things of the city. When all the city has been consumed, it will begin to eat at our forests, wildlands, preserves- eating our heritage and our future. This is an ethic of war, to kill all things that are green; an ethic that would cut off the body to save an arm; an ethic that would tear out its lungs to feed its stomach.

We do not ask for the great wealth of ecological systems to be preserved. We ask for inclusion at every democratic level, of the plant. Ff the species more ancient than our own, be granted these rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. If a corporation is a person, then so is a tree, so is the fern, the insect and the worm. No other process can ensure human habitation of the earth.

Jones, this is not scrap, that which you burn, you are raking from the cycle of decomposition and soil nutrition. When you burn it, on who's home will those ashes fall- surely not on yours. Who will pay the hospital bills, for the families with respiratory illness and cancer- which follows this industry like a plague. It is no mistake that the externalized cost of tis industry is born by the state. For the company cares not more for human life that for plant life and is willing to kill both. This is not self-destruction, it is however, a sociopathic existence.

At some point, on some level, you must reckon with the ethical, social and economical failure that this blast furnace creates. It stands for not less, the the sacrifice of the quality of life the thereby the life itself. Remember that leaves are more valuable than gold, from the farms before petrol, to the great oaks and douglas fir forests today. Our culture and our history must value the plant and the person equally, or we risk loosing both by sacrificing either. It is from this place of understanding, deeply rooted in the history and culture fo this region and nation, that we condemn this facility, which threatens our society, our future and ourselves.

In its plave we offer the wisdom of the ages, a shared burden, which requires a shared sacrifice. We must simply use less electricity, as a people. We must value our lives along with the least of our citizens and we must have nature, all its plants mega and microfauna, to be part of all decision makein processes. Our plants deserve a vote, on behalf of our planet. To empower our people, we must empower the planet. Solidarity."

-This was a speech given on 5/1/11, during the protest of an opening Biomass facility, which burned organic matter to produce electricity. Written by: C. Gillespie.

Burning trees for electricity Lane County, Oregon?

Local Timber Baron, Seneca Jones, built a 'biomass' power-plant. Burning lumber, from Oregon's timber sales and converting the energy to electricity. This facility was opened today, May 5, 2011 and from day one protests reigned in any notion that this plant was a good idea.

This lumber-fired generator was built with an exemption from air pollution regulation, over the concerns raised from the common knowledge: burning wood releases smoke. Despite the exemptions of Lane County, there has been wide-spread opposition from the Sierra Club to the Cascadia Forest Defense, that this plant will encourage the commodification, exploitation and destruction of Oregon forests, additionally degrading air quality. To put a stop to this facility, a protest of nearly forty shut the gate to the plant, by picket, banner drop and lock-down. Three were arrested in the process.

One person in lock-down was only visible from waist down, as he was locked under a station wagon with a bike lock. The whole entrance was shut down while seven police cruisers waited by and two fire crews were called in to cut out the protester. The police seemed on-edge, with assault rifles in their cars and a K-9 unit on call to protect the Seneca Jones Plant.

Lane Regional Air Protection Agency (L.R.A.P.A.) granted the exemption, it is widely known that they have been bought-off of the Jones. The plant is located just North the Eugene city limits, on highway 99. and is therefore regulated by Lane county. Lane county is already known for poor air quality, because of it's place as the un-official grass seed capitol of the world. Adding to pollen, is the common practice of field burning, these combine for an already awful hay-fever season. Adding the ash and soot from a giant furnace will not improve conditions.

The Plant was hailed by regional planners as a job building success, to bring in money and burn up the pulp from the Seneca Saw mill. What is not mentioned, is the cut logs being used to stoke Seneca's fire, state forests being cut and burned for electricity. There has been no plan for payment when respiratory diseases and cancer rates increase. The plant is located by the low income and expanding North Eugene neighborhood of River Road.

The Seneca three, shut down the plant for several hours and this is only day one.

Follow up:
The three arrested were all released separately from lane County Jail at 3pm.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bow to no men!

By: Gershom
Hiding myself deep into literature,
And forming opinions about~ "What is...?"
I'm seeing a society promoting oppression;
as I seek to stay sane from all the depression.

Oppression within the masses at large,
which are striving not for peace, but war.
The relation between all the majorities
is so contrary to they leaders oratories.

For there is no actual order in this society,
that exists. Only the order of business to buy
or sell people's souls. Every ordeal is ordained
by the casting of lots... made at a whim.

Then the rich take the dragons hoard or gold,
and leave the homeless & poor to sink or swim.

Sinking in waters so deep, there is no bottom
on which to stand. THere be monsters here who
await to leap from the burning sands.

One can not help, but gasp in horror- as
the news is played out on the television...
which is the new messiah of these days.

"Modern Day Rome"- at large upon the
worlds stage.
Creating atonement for all, by the enforce-
ment of petty laws.

Each nation has hidden flaws, which
are built inside the matrix of their
innocent white marble halls.
Tomb's... Waiting... in a moment of
time... to crumble and fall... it will fall.

Now the secret takeover can be satisfied
when the church & state unionize; not
to divide.

Forcing all parties, people's & tongues
to conform and bow to their beast...
or they will steal, kill, destroy:
Making the common people with us & die.

So... Buy or Steal. Persecute of kill.
Demand our Rights, to be free from force
upon our free wills!!

For hidden inside my mind's eye,
I can see no excuse- "To Bow To MEN!"

G.O.P. Gershom is an inmate in Two Rivers Penitentiary, in Oregon.

The Empire.

The titan's madness
leaves us undone.
The worker's slaughter;
The bosses having fun.

Tall towers,
falling down.
Small soldiers,
Walking into town.

Hanging heads,
cheering crowds.
Kingdoms falling,
with king's heads in clouds.

Planes soaring,
bombs burst.
The crowds roaring,
The deathtoll's new worst.

Volunteers marching,
with paychecks in blood.
Nations Falling,
Corpses laying in the mud.

Seven million,
Dollars a Day.
For jets to make,
corpses in a new way.

The titan's madness
leaves us undone.
New Walls in Palestine,
No homes, where shall we run.

Israel holds food,
Israel holds water and land.
Palestinians hold tears;
Palestinians bury bodies in sand.

So many bodies, so many dead.
So many starving, who have you fed?
No more young men or schools; only dread;
No more bricks, mortar, or houses for dead.

Plant a tree,
No, not for me.
Plant a tree,
for seven generations to see.

But to plant a tree,
there must be land to grow.
The cement walls and checkpoints,
all the guns and fear, they simply must go.

I want my freedom,
I demand my say.
Are murders in my name?
No more, not after today.

I demand to eat,
I demand to live.
To plant that tree,
Israel, that land you must give.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Homegrown terrorist killed by own son, neo-nazis go crazy.

A Prominent Neo-Nazi from California is shot dead by his ten-year-old son. Hall was a member of the National Socialist Movement (NSM- formerly the American Nazi Party).

"Jeff Hall, 32, a regional director for the National Socialist Movement, was killed in the early hours of Sunday morning by a 'known assailant' at his house in Riverside, California.
Police removed two handguns from the property and questioned one of his five children, believed to be a ten-year-old boy. They have not yet ruled out the possibility that the shooting was deliberate."-Daily Mail

Jeff Hall was the "Regional Director" according to the NSM website which opines him as "a dedicated American Patriot... on the California and Arizona Borders leading Patrols in efforts to halt illegal immigration, organized rallys, meetings, and events for the NSM countless times. Jeff was looked up to, and respected by thousands of people. He was well liked in his community where he ran for office last year, attaining nearly 30% of the vote as an open National Socialist Candidate..." A Nazi getting 30% of the vote in America... what does that say?

The Stormfront website, a notoriously virulent, violent white supremacist group responded with a thread announcing it was a conspiracy: "First David Lynch, now this guy. Both shot at their homes in Cali. Something is going down. :("
-Yes, you are Nazis, YOU are going down.

Another member posted: "Police responded to "shotS fired" but then later says that he died with a "single gunshot wound" as someone else here already mentioned... Something doesn't add up here. If it was an accident you wouldn't hear more than one shot."
-Well, if you keep guns, it's just a matter of time before you're going to have a backfire, or a drunk friend's mistake will land you in the hospital... or your ten year old pick up your gun that is lying around and shoots you.

yet Another: "The Child did NOT do it! Just wait the sexual abuse will "come out"
But the JEW do they have a motive?
Blame a child, a murder victims child for the murder, smell a JEW?"
-Clearly, because child murder is a common jewish thing, what are you even saying? Also jewish people do not have a 'group think'.

and another: "In his honor I say one word : REVENGE"
- great, violence is the answer to everything, this is why the neo-nazi ideology is invalid. Also, since his son killed him, do you want to kill his son? Really?

With names like "TechnoHimmler", "White Russian German", "Cleanse By Fire", "Disturbed Angel", "Punk Ass Gearhead", "Blood Raven" and "adolf hitlist", these cheery folks are an interesting lot.

The NSM hails Hall to be "a tremendous inspiration", the Insurgent finds him to be a bigoted terrorist. The Student Insurgent finds that resistance to neo-nazi elements leads to a more inclusive society. Because you can't really debate with a person who wants millions of 'jews', 'foreigners' and other 'undesirables' dead. That is not the premiss of any intellectual debate, because in any such discussion a member of the 'undesirable' community must justify their existence, their very life, to such a person predisposed to disliking them. That is not a discussion, that is a trial. No to bigotry, no to neo-nazis.

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Building Solidarity Across Geographic Regions.

"With its plethora of social movements and tangled politics, South America can seem befuddling to the outside observer. Ben Dangl’s lucidly argued and dynamite book, however, goes a long way towards rectifying the situation. Though political forces on the ground have made significant gains in recent years, they still face uphill battles as they press ostensibly leftist regimes for more concessions. activists in the US can learn from movements based in Latin America. movements and actions in the US that drew from tactics and strategies of the landless movement in Brazil and water rights activists in Bolivia, for example. One major tactic is not allowing a fear of empowering the right dictate all actions as activists. In Brazil, the landless movement continues to support the lesser of two evils in elections while also occupying unused land and working it for survival, regardless of the slow pace of land reform pushed by the government. Social movements in Bolivia have been able to both defend the progressive policies of the Morales government while radicalizing his policies by pressuring him from below. Translating these tactics, in the US, will be different for each community. The past ten years in Latin America have seen a historic shift to the left in the halls of government power and the streets, so it makes sense that people in the US need to learn from these examples if we are to break out of the stranglehold of our stagnant political culture."- Upside down world.

In Brittan "anarchists in Britain have been most visibly active... The extent of the destructive social policies being forced upon us is entirely unprecedented, and they are coming at us so thick and fast that it feels impossible to keep track of them (this is no accident of course) never mind come up with a coherent alternative that everyone fighting the cuts would agree on. Instead, the way the working class is responding is to attempt to fight the cuts and salvage what we can at a local level. But at a national level, not only does no one single strategy dominate, but this is probably a good thing at this stage. No one has managed to stitch up ‘the alternative’ and so dialogue about it is not only possible but still centrally important. The main point of the march, therefore, was to make our anger known, and furiously determined people did this in various ways according to what they understand the point of protest to be."- LibCom

Tactics in Greece, "On top of EU discussion about whether the government will default on their debt or not, the Greek working class are continuing their protests against austerity... in the Athens suburb of Keratea, locals furious over the building of a new landfill site dug a two-meter deep ditch across the Lavriou Highway, leading to Keratea – permanently blocking traffic. Hours later, scuffles broke out with police who rushed to the spot. Athens' top police officer has also recently asked for his men to be removed from the area. Greece has also seen numerous strikes, occupations, demonstrations and riots, all of which are causing many to wonder if Greece is becoming ungovernable."-LibCom

The lessons of global struggles can teach us lessons on how to resist- from street theater and marches of Egypt, to the book-blocs of Italy, from the theater of the oppressed in Mexico to the street riots of Seattle we all have lessons to learn.

"There is clearly a breakdown of the rule of law, and without the rule of law there can be no economic development," said political analyst Takis Michas.

The Student Insurgent holds that lack of laws does not precipitate a lack of order. To the contrary, the greatest order of freedom is one where the people do not have a boot on their neck. The Insurgent stands on solidarity with the oppressed people of the world.

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Obama claims Osama is dead.

US president Obama claims that the former figurehead of the the Al Qaeda has been killed.

The Student Insurgent maintains that killing Osama will not solve 'terrorism', because Osama is only a recent manifestation of the unjust US imperialism. No matter how many Osama's or Che's the US government kills, the force that created them endures and new figure heads will emerge.

US imperialism is not to raise the US flag over a state, it is to raze governments that are resistant to corporate interests- by fomenting civil unrest and internal violence to create instability. Using this instability to justify further violence against sovereign states. Using the US military as a tool to deliver the death blows of a regime, the falling governments will be replaced with a forum in internal strife. In such forums, the pointless religious and social differences will be played against one another to prevent any meaningful resistance to corporate ownership of public goods.

In Iraq this occurred with Oil, in Libya it is occurring with Oil and it will likely continue over natural gas and control of remaining petrol.

These wars over resources and private control will continue unabated. With more military bases established around the globe, to ensure more readily accessible reserves of natural resources. Such military bases are what inspired Osama Bin Laden, the US imposition upon Muslim holy sites. Osama called for a war against the US, not because be hated the people or 'non-believers', but likely on the institution of foreign military control of religious sites.

In a report by scholar Robert Pape, the unifying and universal message behind all 'terrorist' organizations is removal of foreign troops from home soil. If the US wanted to 'fight terrorism', it would have withdrawn troops, instead it has destabilized nations and killed millions of civilians. In a minor success, after a decade, the global hegemonic superpower was able to kill one man. This minor success is overshadowed by the unification of anti-US sentiment under the banner of Al Qaeda.

The Student Insurgent does not endorse violence, ever. We do however, stand in solidarity with the people oppressed under US imperialism and we condemn the ongoing occupations of the home soil and natural resources by the US military or US corporations. We do not support global exploitation, we find that these sorts of military endeavors are not the interests of the occupied people, nor the people of the US and we disavow ourselves of any actions by the US government to perpetuate these global systems of injustice.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Eugene chapter of FOOD NOT BOMBS is starting!

Food not bombs is a program to take surplus food and serve it to folks in a effort to build community while increasing awareness of issues such as homelessness, poverty, militarism and the effects of capitalism on living beings. The group is consensus based and is made up of individuals who are about their community!

"Join us" says one organizer Stefan Andreev!

The group will be planning and organizing at their first meeting on Friday, April 15th at noon at the Survival Center, the University of Oregon (EMU Suite #1).

For more info contact Stefan at:

Monday, April 11, 2011

Cote d'Ivoire President surrenders.

After a election showed that that Alassane Ouattara had one the presidental election; Laurent Gbagbo, decided to hold onto power. The supporters of the two forces have clashed in protests and military maneuvers. But after months of contention, the former president Gbagbo has been captured.

"Cote d'Ivoire's Laurent Gbagbo has surrendered to the forces of presidential claimant Alassane Ouattara and is being held by them, the United Nations has said."-Aljazeera

This is only days after an "offer to surrender earlier this week by Gbagbo's top three generals was a "trick" to buy time, charged the head of U.N. peacekeeping Friday, according to AP."-Global Post

"Although he is holed up in a bunker at the presidential residence, his troops have regrouped and are well armed. They are launching a new fight against forces loyal to Alassane Ouattara, the internationally recognized winner of the November presidential election. Gbagbo's men are also fighting against the United Nations peacekeeping force and French troops."-Global Post

"After days of holding out, his compound was stormed by troops on Monday, according to Ivorian, French and U.N. sources. Gbagbo's refusal to accept that he lost a presidential election to Alassane Ouattara last year plunged the country into civil war. He was arrested "to stop these killings, this fighting," Bamba said, adding that he thinks the conflict will stop as news of Gbagbo's capture spreads."-CNN

The future of Cote d'Ivoire, is not entirely clear, but the capture of Gbagbo may mean the end of violence. If however military forces are loyal to Gbagbo, this may only be the start of a longer Civil war. For the moment, Gbagbo's capture may mean the end of violence.

The Student Insurgent will continue to monitor this situation as information is available.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pop Music

By: Mark Davis
Pop music sucks when
it's 3 A.M. and your drunk
and laying on the floor of
your apartment and your
all alone and the room
is starting to spin
around and around and
your drunk and there is
vomit on your shoes and
its not even your vomit
and your out of booze and
you blew all your cash on
cocaine and some wretched
bimbo and your real drunk
and you tried to keep the
party going by calling
some friends but no one
answered and your drunk and
starting to feel sick and
the orange ashtray is
overflowing and stinks of
decay and old death and
the radio keeps playing
that shitty tune and it's
playing on and on and on
and it's an empty song
out of an empty head
about an empty life and
suddenly you realize that,
pop music really sucks!

Mark Davis is political prisoner of the failed war on drugs. This was mail-in submission.

UO students demonstrate injustice of Israel.

On April 6th, students at the University of Oregon set up a mock-occupation, showing the injustice of Israeli apartheid. With fake walls and a checkpoint, students are highlighting the oppressive conditions in Israel.

"The purpose of the wall is to raise awareness about the plight of Palestinians and Israeli-Palestinians under occupation" said Ben Jones, of students for Palestinian Liberation.

The walls feature pictures and informational statements on the history and conditions in Palestine . The display is taking place in the EMU Amphitheater. from 11-3 on Wednesday the 6th.

"It is really important to work as an internationalist, that alot of struggles have similar goals in different locations. It is like the struggle of indigenous rights everywhere in the world" said Lidiana Soto, of Student for Palestinian Liberation.

Student's reactions to the display ranged from 'Oh, my God' to exclamations of intrigue and joy that the issue is being raised.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Taking Academic Space.

Friday, March 18, dozens of University of Oregon students conducted a teach-in on education accessibility in the John E. Jaqua building, the only academic center on campus that intentionally excluded the majority of UO students. Aside from the ground floor cafe, access to the Jaqua building and its state-of-the-art educational facilities was explicitly prohibited for 22,869 students.

“We desire academic freedom and inclusivity--the privilege to study and engage in an educational experience together,” says Cimmeron Gillespie, a UO senior in political science. “We want to see an inclusive campus which does not segregate its facilities based on student classification, but offers an equal academic opportunity for all students.”

“By denying access, non-athletic department students are being treated as second class citizens on our own campus,” says Jon Long, a UO undergraduate. “It is a disappointment that Athletic Department-funded students privileges are not provided to all students.”

After entering the space the students were informed that the building was now open to all students and community. "This is a space that's open to the public, it;s open to students and we need to do a better job of letting people know that" the University spokesman Phil Wheeler said.

The Jaqua Center's former policy of physically separating students and academic resources based on athletic ability is a violation of the University of Oregon’s stated mission, which boasts its "dedication to the principles of equality of opportunity and freedom from unfair discrimination for all members of the university community". The Jaqua building policies also violates the Athletic Department's mission of developing "a showcase for equality of opportunity.”

While the policy may be changed, the sign still rests above the staircase to the second floor stating that the second floor is for "authorized personnel only". Despite the words still hanging by the steps, the space is now open.

The teach-in challenged the Jaqua facility’s policy by convening on the restricted second floor. This was an opportunity to convene an academic gathering on campus in a publicly owned building. Dozens of determined and disaffected students will demonstrated against the injustice of the policy on the ground floor.

Universities across the country have been regularly restricting academic spaces in a larger move towards privitization, both academic and athletic spaces have often been divided. This devision highlights privilege and access in society. When many students are withheld from the vast spaces of the best equipment and services of society, while small minorities are held above, by physical separation and restrictive services- this is not only hierarchical but oppressive. Requiring the breaking of the cycles of restriction, to generate a fair academic playing field.

News Blast

Back after several weeks (sorry to keep you waiting), check these out:
After ongoing air strikes, destroying Gaddafi's armored units and air power, the resistance movement made painstaking gains Westward. But Gaddafi has been pushing back in a series of offensives. The resistance movement cannot seems to hold towns. In one incident an armored vehicle entered a town and it took two hours of small arms fire to force the vehicle out. Such scenarios indicate the uncertain power of the resistance movement.

The resistance itself, in early stages expelled british foreign secret service agents, but there are reports of US, CIA operation which have been on the ground for weeks. This raises question of how legitimate the resistance is, but undoubtedly for many in Libya the conditions were bad enough to revolt. But what remains uncertain is if they can win against Gaddafi's armor and even if they do, what will stop this from becoming just another propped up dictator or stump government for US interests.

"On March 1st, uniformed members of the vigilante group Civil Guard (Szebb Jövőért Polgárőr Egyesület), an offshoot of the dreaded Magyar Garda, took control of a Romani neighbourhood in the village of Gyöngyöspata. They set up two checkpoints at the entrance to the neighbourhood and formed a human chain around the houses of Romani residents. The Civil Guard are supported by the right-wing Jobbik party, and now intend to set up chapters in other towns in Hungary, to expand their patrols.

The European Roma Rights Centre, Amnesty International and Human Rights First sent a letter urging Hungarian authorities to intervene and protect the Romani residents of Gyöngyöspata from the intimidation and harassment they have been subjected to by the vigilante organisation, Szebb Jövőért Polgárőr Egyesület (Civil Guard Association for a Better Future), since 1 March. The Szebb Jövőért Polgárőr Egyesület patrols have been supported by the far-right political party Jobbik, which organised a march of thousands through the village in black military uniform on 6 March. According to the ERRC’s monitoring, there were at least 48 attacks against Roma in Hungary between 2008 and 2010, which resulted in at least 9 deaths. The presence of anti-Roma vigilante groups in Roma neighbourhoods adds to growing inter-ethnic tensions and fuels a climate of violence.

The ERRC called for Hungarian authorities to fulfil their domestic and international human rights obligations in Gyöngyöspata, to intervene immediately to ensure the situation does not escalate into physical violence and to protect the Roma from intimidation and harassment."-IMC

"The Wixarika (Huichol) indigenous people of central west México walk 500 km to the sacred land of Wirikuta, where according to legend, the sun was born. Here, they collect jíkuri (peyote), carry out rituals of purification and come into communion with their gods, who give them blessings and guidance. In this way, they conserve their culture, maintain harmony with nature, and uphold a thousand-year-old tradition.

...A Site of Cultural and Historic Heritage and an Area under Ecological Conservation”; in the year 2000 the protected area was expanded to 140 thousand hectares; and in 2001 it was declared a Sacred Natural Site by UNESCO. There is also a bird sanctuary in Wirikuta. In spite of this, it is currently under siege by First Majestic Silver, a Vancouver-based mining company that paid 3 million dollars to obtain 22 mining concessions in the area.

Majestic Silver’s intentions to reinitiate mining activities in the area. Where the Wixarika people see sacred beauty and the fountain of life, Keith Neumeyer – president and CEO of First Majestic Silver – sees an opportunity to further enrich himself and his company’s shareholders. With state-of-the-art technologies, he hopes to reopen old mines, exploit previously undetected veins of minerals, and squeeze out the last remaining traces of silver from tailings left behind by others. There are promises of job creation and social corporate responsibility, but the jobs are both dangerous and ephemeral. Moreover, it is not entirely clear how cyanide and other noxious substances could possibly be contained.

In Mexico, protected areas and environmental laws are often sidestepped in order to facilitate the activities of national and transnational corporations. The problem, though, is not just one of weak environmental legislation and corruption in Mexico; the Canadian government is also responsible, refusing to regulate resource-extraction companies operating outside of the country."-UDW

While the Republican state legislature passed a bill banning the right of collective bargaining, a county circuit court judge Maryann Sumi. This is a short stop, owing to procedure, but may lead to legal battle- "she plans to hold a full hearing on a lawsuit that accuses Republican lawmakers of violating the Wisconsin open meeting requirements to push through the bill"-NY Times.

It seems to be a rule that governments become corrupt, unless held by the people and the natural course of events is for the people to rise up in resistance the corruption. As with Hungarian neighborhood, the state of Wisconsin, or within the nation of Mexico, there is a standard appeal to the system of 'justice' however tattered it may be and if justice will not be done, then the people will rise, as with Libya. But in the case of libya, there is little organized leadership to ask for assistance, so any air strikes seem to be imposed from outside and this raises questions about the legitimacy of the resistance to either sustain itself or be an independent movement.

The Student Insurgent stands in solidarity with the growing resistance movements across the world, in a call for the right of self determination.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Libya & the struggle for freedom

The Student Insurgent has been reluctant to publish stories on Libya without significant details of backing. The the stories during the fighting go back and forth, taking neighborhoods and towns.

The big picture is that the people rose up and defied the government, some military units then sided with the people. During the initial resistance, the spreading uprising was gunned down in the capitol. As the people's resistance was arming itself outside the capitol, a disaster of military armaments occurred, which cost lots of precious munitions.

The Libyan government, led by the Gaddafi family, has been organizing and securing tanks and has its airplanes running again. The use of small arms is ineffective against this assault. The people are being overrun.

The United Nations is debating a 'no fly zone', which would lead to air strikes on all air bases, but even this will not halt the tanks and ground movement. The situation is increasingly bleak for the rebels. Without aid, they are being ground into non-existence. Even with aid, the situation may become a civil war. The Gaddafi family has offered 'amnesty' to anyone of the rebellion willing to lay down arms, but the consensus is that anyone who turns over arms will be killed off in the long term.

Gaddafi is winning a mile-by-mile, bloody campaign. The people are trying to hold out and there are rumors of a growing counter offensive. The hope to turn things around may lead to victory of a battle of the bulge. There is no clear picture of the resistance capacity in military struggle, but the Gaddafi forces are brutal and comparatively well armed.

The Student Insurgent stands in solidarity with the resistance movement and all movements of liberation and self-determination. The world must intervene soon or this shinning opportunity may collapse, leaving Libya in a dictatorial dark age.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society blocks whaling (wins)!

The Sea Shepherd program is a direct action network that opposes ocean based animal exploitation and they don't take no excuses from no one. They won a victory against whaling fleets of Japan, who are being recalled, following the Tsunami in that region.-

The Nisshin Maru whaling factory ship made a pivotal course change north, as the Japanese Fisheries Agency announced on February 18th that the whaling fleet had been recalled for this season.

“The Nisshin Maru made a significant course change immediately after the Japanese government made it official that the whaling fleet has been recalled,” said Captain Alex Cornelissen from Sea Shepherd's Bob Barker. “She looks like she’s going home!” The Bob Barker has been tailing the Nisshin Maru since February 9, making it impossible for the whalers to engage in their illegal slaughter in the southern ocean whale sanctuary.

The Japanese whaling fleet, engaged in commercial whaling inder the guise of scientific research, has had an extremely poor season being constantly harrassed and prevented from whaling in all but a few days.

The whaling fleet left Japan in early December, much later than usual. Perhaps a portent for the last commercial whaling season in the southern ocean. For the first time in seven years Sea Shepherd were been able to locate 2 harpoon vessels in the whaling fleet on New Year's Eve before whaling had begun.

The chase of the Nisshin Maru had begun. While the Nisshin Maru fled from the three Sea Shepherd vessels, no whaling could occurr. Sea Shepherd used it's fast intercept vessel, the Gojira, it's helicopter, and weather balloons to help locate the whaling factory ship.

Along the way, Sea Shepherd found the whaling fleet resupply vessel, the Sun Laurel and requested it's removal from the Antarctic Treaty Zone. The Captain complied and Sea Shepherd escorted the Sun Laurel out of the Antarctic Treaty Zone. The whaling fleet has breached the Antarctic Treaty on numerous occasions by refueling in the Antarctic treaty zone.

"Today we celebrate with you a victory for the oceans! Sea Shepherd has turned the tide and provoked a debate in Japan about whaling." said Paul Watson on a blog post.

Greenpeace also celebrated the recall of the whaling fleet, “This historic announcement confirms what we all know: that Japan’s whaling serves no purpose whatsoever and the fleet has no business in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary,” said Junichi Sato, Executive Director of Greenpeace Japan. “All the whaling programme has produced is a stockpile of thousands of tonnes of frozen whale meat, the waste of billions of Japanese taxpayer’s yen, and a culture of corruption and scandal. An early return of the whaling fleet is not enough – Japan’s whaling ships should never leave port again.”

Greenpeace is demanding that Japan’s government finally end its commercial whaling programme and re-open an investigation into corruption scandals inside the industry. The Fisheries Agency of Japan recently admitted that five of its officials who had sailed with the whaling fleet to oversee its activities, had accepted expensive gifts of whale meat from the fleet’s operators.

“The Japanese public doesn’t want to be force-fed whale meat or be forced to bankroll a corrupt and dying industry,” added Sato. “Greenpeace is urging the Japanese government to not only investigate the whale meat scandal we exposed three years ago, but also start taking real action towards protection of the world’s oceans”.

Tensions between Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd and their different approaches to nonviolent direct action and resourcing the campaign to stop commercial whaling have perhaps hindered the campaign at various times. Not least in the lack of co-operation in locating the whaling fleet in past seasons. Now it seems at last all anti-whaling activists can celebrate the end of commercial whaling in the southern ocean for this season and perhaps a final end.

Paul Watson summed up his earnest hope in a post on Saturday February 19, 2011:

"The Japanese government is posturing and talking big in an effort to save face. The reality is that the Japanese whaling industry is an antiquated, dying industry that has no place in the country of Japan in the 21st Century."

"In 1977, Sea Shepherd fought the Australian whalers at Cheynes Beach in Western Australia. It was a bitter and angry confrontation. In 1978, Australia ended whaling, and is now the leading nation on this planet in its defense of the great whales.

“This is my great hope for Japan,” said Captain Watson. “Like Australia, a whaling nation evolving to a state of compassion for the great whales, and I know that when the Japanese embrace a cause, they embrace it with a steadfast and determined loyalty. I predict that Japan will be one of the leading conservationist nations on the planet in the coming years, and the cessation of whaling in the Antarctic Ocean will be the place where it will have begun.”

"The whale war in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary is over. The whales have won!"

The Student Insurgent stands in solidarity with efforts to defend endangered wildlife and preserve natural ecosystems.

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

'You Fascists Bound to Lose'-Woody Guthrie

Well we'll show these fascist what a couple hillbillies can do!

Well I am a gonna tell you fascists, you may be surprised, people in this world, are gettin' organized. You bound to lose, You fascist bound to lose.

All of you fascists bound to lose, I said. All of you Fascist bound to lose.
All of you fascists bound to lose, I said. All You fascist bound to lose. You Bound to lose, all you fascist bound to lose.

There's people in every nation, marchin' side by side, marchin' across the fields where a million fascists died. You bound to lose, You fascist bound to lose.

All of you fascists bound to lose, I said. All of you Fascist bound to lose.
All of you fascists bound to lose, I said. All You fascist bound to lose. You Bound to lose, all you fascist bound to lose.

All of you fascists bound to lose, I said. All of you Fascist bound to lose.
All of you fascists bound to lose, I said. All You fascist bound to lose. You Bound to lose, all you fascist bound to lose.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquake and Tsunami, warning across teh pacifica rim.

A massive earth quake hit japan followed by after shock after aftershock. Multiple waves of Tsunamis has been pummeling inland as far as fifteen miles and moving. Earthquake and Tsunami warnings have been advised across the pacific rim.

"On behalf of the University of Oregon, our hearts go out to everyone affected by the earthquake and tsunamis. Since the news broke last night, our International Affairs staff has been monitoring the situation in Japan and communicating with UO students in the country and our UO exchange partners and sister institutions in the Association of Pacific Rim Universities. We are also mindful of the approximately 2,000 UO alumni in Japan.

Here in Oregon we are reaching out to our Japanese students and visiting scholars and helping to make connections with their families back home. We are working with the Japanese Student Association to offer the Mills International Center as a home base for students who may wish to watch the news and connect with other students and staff during this tragedy.

As tsunamis approached the Oregon Coast, I am thankful for the immediate precautions taken by our colleagues at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology in Charleston, moving all students and visitors to safe locations before sunrise. Events like this remind us how small the world is, and how much we value our family, friends and colleagues."- University of Oregon President R.LaRiviere.

This incident is made worse by industrialization and the boon of civilization. A nuclear plant in Japan may be venting toxic waste and there are floating masses burning in the Tsunami tide as they are pushed inland The water is on fire. These problems are outrageous.

The Insurgent stands in solidarity with all the families of students who are hurting and worried. This will be a hard time coming up for recovery and especially for the exchange students who have families in Japan. Take care everyone.

Pro Union Rally outside the Eugene, OR, Hilton.

Insurgent reporter a union rally in solidarity with Wisconsin at the Eugene Hilton. Following a march from the University of Oregon!

"There is major rally at the Eugene Courthouse, NOW"-Steve M.(5:39pm)

With signs saying:
'Wages are too damn low'
'you bet your ass we're the working class'
'Go Democracy!!!'
'we're sick and tired of being sick and tired.'
'Union busting is killing our American dream'
'Ducks for workers'
'We are Wisconsin'

Numbering in the Dozens (plural), with these signs and speeches on a megaphone, the workers called to defend the right to collective bargaining. The crowd has swelled to hundreds! The event was organized by AFSCME and the University Graduate Student Union the GTFF

The Student Insurgent stands in solidarity with the protests around the world for self determination and efforts to make a better life.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Support a General Strike in Wisconsin!

What Do We Face?

Walker's bill, if passed, will strip public-sector unions of the right to collectively bargain regarding all workplace issues other than basic wages. Workers would no longer have a legal say in their pensions, their healthcare plans, workplace safety, or any other pertinent issues. Without collective bargaining, we have no legally-recognized way to influence how we are treated at our jobs. Workers with access to a union have an opportunity to make their workplaces more democratic. Think about how much time we dedicate to work and work-related activities. With so much of our lives spent in undemocratic workplaces, how could we have real democracy in the rest of our lives?

The impact of Walker's bill reaches far beyond unions and public servants. Stripping public workers of their right to bargain affects the rights of everyone who works for a living. This attack on workers' rights will not stop with the public sector or with Wisconsin. These anti-union bills are spreading around the country from Indiana to Ohio to Nebraska in an effort to serve the corporate elite by lowering labor costs and weakening all labor.

What Does Any of This Have to Do With A General Strike & With Wisconsin?

In the recently released prank call by a journalist pretending to be billionaire David Koch, Scott Walker said, “All week there's been 15-30,000 [protesters] a day, but I remind our lawmakers that there's 5.5 million people in this state and just because a bunch of guys who can jump off work because of their union[s]...doesn't mean the rest of your people are with you.” The truth is that these protesters are not “guys who can jump off work” – they are students, activists, union and non-union workers from the public and private sectors, Wisconsin families, and members of the religious community. Additionally, unionized and non-unionized workers both risk job security by taking time to protest. Essentially, Governor Walker doesn't think that the protesters represent the rest of the state. He thinks that the majority of Wisconsin agrees with his attempt to strip workers of basic rights. He is wrong. Despite facing opposition from millions, Walker still won't budge from his position on this issue. It will take something bigger from the unions, and from the working-class as a whole: a general strike.

A general strike will show Walker that millions of people are willing to fight his agenda

A General Strike: The Ultimate Tool of Change

What exactly is a general strike? A general strike is a strike involving workers across multiple trades or industries that involves enough workers to cause serious economic disruption.

In essence, a general strike is the complete and total shutdown of the economy. A general strike can last for a day, a week, or longer depending on the severity of the crisis, the resolve of the strikers, and the extent of public solidarity. During the strike, large numbers of workers in many industries (excluding employees of crucial services, such as emergency/medical) will stop working and no money or labor is exchanged. All decisions regarding the length of the strike, the groups of workers who continue working, and demands of the strikers are decided by a strike committee.

Past victories won by general strikes are:

· Chicago, New York, Cincinnati, and elsewhere, 1886 – First victory in the fight for an eight-hour day

· Toledo, OH, 1934 – First successful unionization of the auto industry.

· San Francsico, CA, 1934 – Unionization of all West Coast ports of the United States.

· Poland, 1980 – Began the process of democratic reforms that led to the end of Soviet control over the country.

· Egypt, 2011 – Brought the 30-year reign of an autocratic despot to an end.

If enough of us act together, we’ll see some serious changes, and quick. That’s the “general” part of a general strike. We’re all divided up by race, religion, gender, and political affiliation. In a general strike, people come together in large numbers across those divisions and unite around our struggles as workers. If enough of us stand together and stop work, Walker’s bill will be defeated – even if it passes! If enough of us are united, WE can decide the outcome.

Who should participate and how

A general strike against Walker would begin the process of rebuilding a strong labor movement in the United States. Since the U.S. plays such an important role in the global economy and world political system, this could also invigorate workers' struggles around the planet. To make it happen will require participation from many people across industries, across unions, and across the country.

Public Workers

The South Central Federation of Labor, a federation of over 97 labor organizations representing 45,000 workers, has endorsed to educate and prepare for a general strike. If your local is part of a different federation or district council, contact their Executive Board and your members and start your preparations for a strike immediately.

Union Members and General Strikes

Trade unions enable large groups of people a powerful, unified voice, from the local and its officers, representatives, stewards, and negotiators up to the level of a union, such as AFSCME. It may be difficult to get your union officials to agree to a general strike. Labor law is set up in the United States to discourage unions from standing together. Your union’s officials will be afraid of possible legal ramifications. They will also be afraid that no other unions will endorse the call or actually carry out the strike. Your union may have contractual agreements that union officers are worried about. Be prepared for these objections. Remind everyone that if the labor movement does not take a stand to stop Scott Walker today, there may not be a labor movement tomorrow. There are risks to building a general strike, but the much bigger risk is that Walker will accomplish his anti-union agenda.

Talk to your co-workers about the general strike. If you are meeting soon, there is a sample resolution to be found at that you can bring to your local. If you aren’t meeting soon, talk to your coworkers and union stewards about holding an emergency meeting; most local unions have rules that allow for these types of meetings in their bylaws. Help educate your fellow workers by sharing this pamphlet and the news. Form an education and preparation committee to help organize your local.

If it seems that your union is opposing the desires of their rank-and-file to hold a strike, it is possible to act on a general strike without the consent of these leaders, as long as enough rank-and-filers stand together. A strike committee can be formed by a few elected representatives from each participating local who then gather into a larger coordinating body. These representatives should be elected by the rank-and-file members of each local and they should be able to be recalled by a majority vote of the workers they represent at any time. This body would have to hold together when (not if, when) one group is attacked or encouraged to strike out on its own.

If your shop decides not to go out, you can still strike “on the job”, that is, slow down or halt production through clumsiness, ignorance, or “work-to-rule”: following the rules so carefully that nothing gets done.

How the rest of us can prepare

In order to successfully conduct a general strike we must fully prepare ourselves for all possibilities.

The first step is to get as many workers to commit to the strike as possible. This needs to be done beforehand; not the day before the strike, and not after the strike has begun. We need to be able to trust the commitments of other workers, regardless of union affiliation. Talk about the general strike with people at rallies, at work, online, and at home with your friends, family, and neighbors. Ask your community about practical ways that they can aid a potential general strike or pass around the included leaflet to community groups in the area. Consider preparing a phone tree or online contact list to keep your friends, family, and fellow workers connected and prepared for emergencies.

Bring cardboard, markers, sticks, and tape to make picket signs; write protest chants and songs; bring bullhorns from your workplace or home to the street. There is already a support system in the capitol building for hungry and injured protesters, but we need to be prepared to expand these systems to a larger scale. Being on strike is exciting, but it is also difficult and tiring. When a general strike happens, workers will need to push each other to stay resolute, support each other when times are hard, and be able to ask for and accept help when they need it. When you are tired, hand your sign to someone else and get some rest. Protesters at the capitol have created amazing mutual support networks over the past weeks through little more than word-of-mouth, and if we continue to work together these networks can only get stronger.

Why rank and file solidarity is important for a general strike

It is important in a general strike to support other workers regardless of their positions in the workforce (unionized, non-unionized, public or private)-- to build the kind of relationship where an injury to one group of workers is an injury to all. Within our locals & unions, personal rivalries and pettiness can erode unity and the ability to work together for common gains. Groups can be pitted against one another during a general strike―city workers versus workers in more rural or isolated areas, or, as Gov. Walker attempted (but failed) to do, police and fire departments against the rest of the municipal workforce. When one group of workers is pitted against another, the strength the movement is in trouble. In a general strike, rumors about a lack of solidarity and inappropriate acts may be circulated by our governor and anti-worker segments of the media to deliberately demoralize and divide the participating groups. We must make an effort to not believe everything we hear―to go to the source and get facts before reacting.

Solidarity means uniting everyone: union and non-union, native citizens and immigrants, men and women, white and black and brown. A labor movement that turns away any worker isn’t anything but a powerless social club. We must believe all other workers can have a higher standard of living and gain the power and respect they deserve on the workplace. We will need to seek out individuals, organizations and community groups of all colors and creed. Their fight is our fight!

Solidarity makes us stronger and it spreads quickly. People are impressed by it and drawn to learn about and support our causes. Love really is stronger than hate, and many working families throughout labor battles in the past have been inspired by positive support from all corners of the working population. “Workers united will never be defeated,” we chant―for good reason.

Ways to Know When It's Happening

T he efforts towards a general strike are just beginning and the lines of communication we use will emerge as the situation evolves.

For updates, a sample resolution for your local, and more information on the General Strike, visit

To send statements of solidarity or to ask for help educating your fellow workers or community members about the general strike, contact

Published 2011 by the Madison IWW

PO Box 2442, Madison, WI 53703-2442


The state passed a anti-collective bargaining bill. The Police have shut down the capitol...

"The vote was 53-42 in favor of the bill.
"I applaud all members of the Assembly for showing up, debating the legislation and participating in democracy," Gov. Scott Walker said in a written statement.
State Senate Republicans had approved the amended version Wednesday night, despite the absence of 14 Democratic senators who fled the state to prevent a necessary quorum of 20 votes.
The amended bill stripped the spending components out of the original proposal, enabling lawmakers to pass the measure with fewer votes."-CNN

"Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker unveiled billions of dollars worth of cuts to social programs and further tax cuts to the rich today in front of a small crowd of supportive citizens and lawmakers. In Walker’s budget proposal, schools would be prohibited from raising taxes to make up for the $900 million loss of state funding. Medicaid users will pay higher co-pays and deductibles to cover $500 million in cuts to the federal health care program for low-income people. Walker’s proposal will eliminate the rules that allow non-violent prisoners to earn time off of their sentences through good behavior, as well as in-state tuition for children of undocumented immigrants. Cities and counties will lose, respectively, $60 million and $34 million in state funding. Citizens in the audience were both admiring and respectful.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of demonstrators flooded the capitol lawn, banging on noisemakers and shouting “Recall Walker!” and “Kill the Bill!” Protestors swarmed the capitol entrance on State Street demanding access to their locked capitol building during the budget address. Next, they marched towards the King St. entrance in order to find the media crews who, protest leaders said, were busy filming a much smaller demonstration. Demonstrators have been demanding entrance to the building ever since 4 p.m. on Sunday when the police first locked the doors. But according to the state’s Department of Administration (DOA) the capitol is open to the public."-Twin Cities IndyMedia.

Meanwhile Unions are calling for a general strike:
Fellow Workers and Supporters:

The following motions were passed by the SCFL Monday February 21st:

Motion 1: “The SCFL endorses a statewide general strike, possibly for the day Walker signs his ”Budget Repair Bill,” and requests the Education Committee immediately begin educating affiliates and members on the organization and function of a general strike.”

Motion 2: “The SCFL goes on record as opposing all cuts contained in Walkers ”Budget Repair Bill,” including, but not limited to, curtailed bargaining rights and reduced wages, benefits, pensions, funding for public education and Medicare.”

Please pass supporting motions in your council and organize committees to begin educating affiliates and members on the organization and function of a general strike."-IWW

"Cries of "Shame, Shame, Shame!" filled the Capitol building following Thursday's vote. The bill will soon be delivered to Walker's desk, who is expected to sign the bill into law. Meanwhile, at least one Senate Democrat said he has returned to his home state after spending weeks in Illinois in an effort to prevent the bill's passage. Sen. Jim Holperin said the remaining 13 absentee Democrats will be returning individually between Thursday and Saturday. But Democrat Sen. Kathleen Vinehout quickly disputed that assertion, claiming absentee lawmakers have remained in Illinois. She added that she did not know where Holperin was. The weeks-long standoff reached a fever pitch Thursday after a spokesman for Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said the leader received two death threats, which detailed the ways in which the writer claimed Fitzgerald would be killed. Both threats were e-mailed from the same address, said the majority leader's spokesman, Andrew Welhouse."-CNN

This blow is a cry for class war. You, Walker, take our rights to live healthy and fulfilling lives, can we take away yours? Our rights of economic justice and equality, if you take them there will be a specter haunting America. You, Walker will have brought it.

The Student Insurgent stands in solidarity with efforts for economic justice. Solidarity Forever.

thanks to:’s-wealth-0

Keeping the flame of resistance

This Picture was sent to the Insurgent, keeping resistance alive.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Forest Service's Own Scientists Question the Relevance of Contested Trapper Timber Sale

Cascadia Wildlands Reports:

"Cascadia Wildlands and Oregon Wild are currently in litigation over the legality of the Trapper timber sale on the McKenzie Ranger District of the Willamette National Forest. The timber sale was originally planned in 1998 as an experiment and proposes to aggressively log 150 acres of mature and old-growth forests above Blue River. New information not considered in the environmental review, including information about imperiled species, compelled the lawsuit. The plaintiffs are being represented by attorneys at Cascadia Wildlands and Western Environmental Law Center.

While reviewing court documents in the case, plaintiffs discovered a memo from prominent scientists at the Pacific Northwest Research Station to the Forest Service questioning the relevance of the project today. From the memo: "Research investment in learning from the Trapper units has been minimal. Therefore, we do not see substantial lost research investment or research opportunity by foregoing the Trapper units."

The Eugene Weekly covered this story in its most recent edition and disclosed more details of the memo. Efforts by plaintiffs and the Forest Service to encourage Seneca Jones Timber Co., the purchaser of Trapper, to pursue less controversial timber volume in lieu of logging the timber sale has been unsuccessful. Please take action today encouraging the Forest Service to cancel the reckless timber sale."

The Student Insurgent stands in Solidarity with efforts to defend out wildland areas!

Checkout this link to Cascadia Wildlands website for more info:

ASUO President's Veto Upheld, OSPIRG chapter to be RE-Funded

The President of the Associated Students of the University of Oregon (ASUO), Vetoed the ACFC Budget (Athletic & Contracts Finance COmmittee, a budget committee of the Student Senate)- a budget that did not include funding for the OSPIRG- the Student run, Public Interest Research Group.

The vote was narrow and the discussion involved threats of resignation. But OSPIRG will receive an additional hearing, almost guaranteed to receive funding. While the ACFC budget currently only contains $5,000, the committee plans to renegotiate a contract with local transportation bureau (Lane Transit District, LTD) and possibly other contracts.

OSPIRG has been a chapter without funding for three years and has continued to function with the aid of other state chapters. This funding will go towards a chapter organizer and mostly towards a office staff in Salem who advocates on public policy issues and a federal staff who lobbies in D.C.

It is worthy of note that the University of Oregon chapter of OSPIRG, was the the original chapter of the PIRGs: Public Interest Research Groups. Which operate in many states.

The stated reason for dismissal three years ago was 'repeated services'. There was serious conservative pressure against the group; but the funds which are used (student funds) cannot be allocated based on the content of action, only upon whether services were rendered or not- a 'viewpoint neutral' decision. This question of service was ignored, in the original decision, but viewpoint neutrality must govern the dispersal of student funds.

The PIRGs have been accused of being reformists, hierarchical and even oppressive. These claims are of merit in deciding to participate in such a group, but they have no bearing upon funding.

The Insurgent Stands in Solidarity with efforts of political action, generally.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Peace, Feast and Walk- a Community Event

"Please join our efforts to make Eugene/Springfield a city of human security, a 'City of Peace' Walking together for a just world without war."

Saturday March 19th, 1130am -1pm, gather at First Christian Church(1166 Oak St., Eugene).
Chili provided by Church WOmen United, Additional Food Welcomed.

"Peace is more than simply the absence of war; it's the presence of Justice"- Martin Luther King

Sponsored by:
The Community Alliance of Lane County (CALC), Beyond War, Code Pink, Community Mediation Services, First Christian Church, Food for Lane County, Peace Alliance, Permaculture Guild, Peace Village, and Women's Action for a New Direction (WAND).

The Student Insurgent Stands in Solidarity with efforts to build a more peaceful world full of understanding.