Sunday, January 9, 2011

Assassination in Arizona

Six deaths and twelve wounded people accompanied a political assassination attempt on Saturday.

The politician was US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, of Arizona

Among the deceased were US District Judge John Roll (40 years of service) and nine year old Christina Green.

THE Student Insurgent does not endorse violence, on behalf of governments or individuals for this reason- you cannot put a value on human life. The death of a person leaves no satisfaction, only a hollow loss. No hatter how strongly any person dislikes another person, we cannot be corrupted by the belief that our situation will be improved by the taking of another's life. Not in the name of politics, of nationalism, religion or any other belief system.

These deaths make a shift in our social dynamic, one of polarization, deep divides and little hope of reconciliation. These divides are being channeled into more and more extreme ideologies that reinforce violent action. This action may have come to a head with deaths, but how long before it is not just not jobs, are the United States headed for fractionalization?

Only time will tell, for now, may the families of the dead and wounded find solace.

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