Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Breaking news: Pro-Democracy uprising in Cairo!

Thousands of Egyptians have taken to the streets, demanding rights and resisting oppression. "When you are under the foot of oppression, you must try to get from underneath"!

Regional circumstances are likely the cause of the timing for these protests.
"The Tunisian uprising was the most successful revolt in the region since 1979, but it is anybody's guess whether uprisings will spread to other Arabic-speaking lands."-CNN

Tens of thousands gathered in the streets, mostly peacefully, until provoked by police. The Egyptians are engaged in a struggle for their rights and dignity. huge segments of the population are impoverished, this contributes to the desire for a better life One we all desire and have a state in.

"The size of the protest was a lot larger than everyone imagined. Even through tear gas and water cannons and everything else, I saw the protesters break through the riot police line that was blocking Tahrir Square (the main square downtown). I literally witnessed a few hundred policemen sprinting down the street with a hail of stones being thrown at them. A few protesters took helmets and batons as trophies, and began waving them in front of the crowd as they cheered. The most remarkable moment was when a group of protesters rushed a fire engine that was hosing down the crowd, kicked out the guy, climbed on top of it and started waving the Egyptian flag. The crowd went nuts. Eventually protesters filled the entire square (it is a massive square, I'd estimate well over 10,000 people). Everyone I talked to seemed incredibly inspired, and they promised that they would keep it up until they had the same results as Tunis".-Han Le

Solidarity with the oppressed people of the world!

More updates as the story develops.

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