Thursday, January 13, 2011

Got news?

The Student Insurgent is a newspaper and information publishing house (that means we make a paper, but also 'zines, news bulletins and special edition reprints). We print radical news, art, ideological commentary, comics, opinions, informative updates and generally try to give a voice to the oppressed. We don't assign stories, we want people like you to fulfill their potential by researching what you want and writing stories on subjects you actually care about! Part of our goal is to break down the barriers of oppression and make a space of empowerment.

Generally we call for a restructuring of the world along more egalitarian lines.

If you think you can contribute, we welcome all stories- feel free to email us any of the above categories, news updates especially and we will try to publish what we can. There is no limit on what you can send in (or how much), but we reserve the right to make make editorial decisions. send them to: with 'submissions' in the title


If you're in Eugene, come to a meeting:

on Monday at 6:15pm, in the Survival Center- Erb Memorial Union (EMU Suite#1).

We are NOT a platform for misogynists, racists, fascists, gender oppressive, sex negative, or any other kind of bigots. So don't send that here, we won't print it, because language can be oppressive and create reifying bigotry. We refuse to be part of this cycle, the cultural promulgation of bigotry is not our thing.

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