Saturday, January 29, 2011

Houston organizes Resistance to Immigration Propaganda

Local families are organizing against anti-immigration, calling for protection of human rights. The immigration issue is seen in a lens of nationalism or economics and it is not treated as it should be. Humans deserve rights, intrinsic to their existence.

"The successful effort of Houston United in Austin raised our collective voice for dignity and respect in the face of legislation that threatens at the core livelihood and well-being of millions of Texas immigrant families.
As part of the Houston United activities, CRECEN and America Para Todos encouraged the growing movement of TPS immigrants impacted by TX DPS cancellation of Commercial Drivers Licenses to directly petition those in authority to redress the harm inflicted by these unjust laws and practices. Truck drivers joined the effort.

One of the largest groups at the rally were over 100 legal immigrant residents of the State of Texas that are protected and authorized to work under the US DHS Temporary Protected Status. These are people in the Texas transportation industry, mostly truck drivers, who have had their Commercial Driver's Licenses cancelled under administrative decisions from the TX Department of Public Safety and the Texas Transportation Code.

As one truck driver told a representative of the TX DPS representative upon handing him over 500 letters from others directly affected, "My drivers license is my job."

While the legislative teams visited those at the State Capitol, TPS immigrants got on the two Houston buses, standing room only, and protested in front of the TX DPS Drivers License Office. Some had gone to Austin from Houston in the buses; almost as many had driven their own vehicules. Attorneys Gordon Quan and Houston's America for All Bianca Santornini had just had a meeting with TX DPS officials.

At the end of the day, the visible presence of over 100 truck drivers fighting for the fundamental right to a livelihood for themselves and their families laid bare the cruel unjust proposals and actions that drive many families to hardships and suffering when immigration law enforcement becomes state policy. It contradicts those who justify state anti-immigrant laws as a means of ending undocumented migration. Anti-immigrant legislators and supporters contend that this is about the undocumented, but by denying fundamental rights to certain categories of legal resident immigrants, the ugliness and ulterior motives are stripped off.

The truth is naked: it is about pure meanness of spirit driven by racism and entrenched power.

Houston United, all people of good conscience, and the truck drivers at the center, challenged that cruel reality and demonstrated that all persons deserve dignity and respect and that we must continue forward in our quest to say no to Arizona or any type of hate in Texas. After all, we are family." by Maria J Saturday, Jan. 29, 2011 at 1:03 PM

The Insurgent Stands in Solidarity with all the people of the world who seek to empower themselves and end oppression in their lives.

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