Monday, January 31, 2011

Lariviere is a Slytherin. (Learn about UO 'Public safety becoming police')

-“Correct me if I’m wrong… It’s been a while since I read the New Partnership, but I remember there being something in it about turning into DPS into a police force… Will you talk about that?” I asked President Lariviere at the January 25 town hall meeting regarding the New Partnership. No one had yet mentioned a word about establishing a police force at the UO, which is one of multiple parts of the legislation called the New Partnership.

The president responded with ‘’… That is a separate issue…’’ telling the attendees that the New Partnership has nothing to do with establishing a University police force.

“Well… okay, then” I said as I stepped away from the microphone.

A few days later, I received an e-mail from Vice President Robin Holmes informing me that “something that the president in answer to your question was not correct.” There is, in fact, a section of the New Partnership that will provide for the ability to have a University Police Force.

In the face of the student body, Lariviere has shown us once again that his words are suave, diplomatic, and often misleading. With high hopes for dependence on (excuse me, partnership with) private donors, and an armed police force, Lariviere must use his every trick to divide and silence the student body. With each of these moves, power is slipping out of our hands, and into the hands of the already powerful elite—not only the University bureaucracy, but their sponsors as well—Nike, Pepsi, Seneca Sawmill, Wells Fargo, and the list goes on. The less involved students become in the University system, the easier it is for the administration to move away from the University’s mission-- which is education, not a BCS championship, thank you.

And while the Prez is telling us that the New Partnership has nothing to do with establishing a police force, so is DPS telling us that the creation of a police force has ‘’Arming with handguns or tasers isn’t part of this discussion” In the informational packet that DPS gave out at on Friday’s ‘Coffee with the Chief’, it is stated that the decision to arm the police force with guns, tasers, etc., will be left to University officials.

But really, the police force has nothing to do with guns; that is, until the decision is out of our hands.

This is not a new battle. Four years ago, a similar battle was waged, and the administration lost. Again, us students must raise our voices, as those students after us will again have to do the same.

Keep our Campus safe. Keep Cops away.- Writes one Insurgent

Check it out!
UO DPS Town Hall meeting... 3:00-4:30 at the Fir Room in the EMU

The Student Insurgent stands in solidarity with the all the campus, in resisting the addition or increase of a violent police elements to campus. The Student Insurgent also finds the lies of the Administration to be deplorable and further proof of corruption which surrounds the University policies.

Return power to students!

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