Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oregon-Gaza cultural exchange

J. Campbell, E.Whitaker, S.Athamneh, are Co-founders of the Oregon-Gaza cultural exchange.

The Oregon-Gaza Cultural Exchange is a not-for-profit program dedicated to the promotion of cultural understanding and academic development through dynamic dialogues between US and Gazan schools. The Oregon-Gaza Cultural Exchange prioritizes international collaboration between youth as central to achieving peace.

he inaugural Art Exchange aims to inspire mutual respect and personal growth by capturing students’ everyday life and culture through various artistic media. The Art Exchange intends to form partnerships with local businesses, artists, and arts advocacy organizations to provide ongoing artistic mentorship and promote student self-expression.

This June, E. Whittaker, S. Athamneh, and J. Campbell will travel to Gaza to carry out the second stage of the Oregon-Gaza Art Exchange: give American student art to Gazan students, and ask them to create their own pieces based off of the theme “What I See When I Look Out My Window”.

This idea of windows is really something visionary, windows today, into culture, daily life and a window into what the world may come to be like. The windows give the children the ability to see a bigger world, an oppertunity to see through another's eyes. The goals and these people are dedicated to a truly wonderful mission. A mission who's aim is to overcome cultural differences and bring us all closer together, with a window into a better world. When we see through a child's eyes, we do not see the problems, but the possibilities for a better world.

They have already brought $17,000 dollars in school supplies. As a part of school supplies for Gaza.

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