Friday, January 28, 2011

Red&Black Cafe in Portland working towards self-determination!

The Red and Black, is a classic piece of Portland! A Cafe, worker owned and operated, which serves home made recipes and delicious food (from multiple personal and second hand experiences), with the delicious ethical aftertaste. The Red & Black is, in addition to being a fine restaurant, is a community hub of meetings, movie showings and contributing to a sense of all-around solidarity!

"Workers at the Red & Black Cafe are teaming up with a newly forming low-income housing non-profit to own the cafe's current building at 400 SE 12th St in Portland. A fundraising drive was launched at the beginning of this month to raise the $50 thousand dollar down payment. Loans and donations to the project bring the current total raised to over $43,000! We have until the end of January to raise the money to make this project successful. The plan for the building is that the main floor will remain the Red & Black Cafe. The upstairs, which is currently offices, will become income restricted affordable housing.

With ownership comes the security of knowing that space costs can't be pushed out of reach by a future landlord. This is especially reassuring news for the Red & Black Cafe which faced this very issue when it was forced from its original location. This is also important due to the Red & Black's controversial reputation — owning the building ensures that there will be no future landlord who is tempted to not renew the lease."-

The Student Insurgent says - Right on Red & Black!

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