Friday, January 21, 2011

University Women's Center Celebrates Roe V. Wade!

The University of Oregon Women's Center knows how to commemorate the anniversary of the landmark US Supreme Court ruling which legalized abortion.

They hosted a concert to celebrate! This celebration is of Women's rights, the ability to protect one's body and the larger issues of consent and safe sex.

This memorial is significant, given the heated opposition to abortion (willing to murder a physician while in church), the celebration is an important one. The practice of abortion, if it must be done, it must be done safely and the Woman's ability to choose is as critical as a vote and inclusion into society.

The contention only exists because some (mostly extremely religious) communities embrace the idea that a child is 'alive' at the moment of conception. This is absurd, both medically, since the fetus takes weeks to form and even after several months, once developed, the fetus still lacks any mental capacity, any mental stimulus or the necessary ability for consent of personhood. The woman and her doctor will make a personal decision about abortion decided on a person by person basis, with the advantage of medical history and knowledge.

This has been made a contentious issue, but cells are not sacred, or any time you scratched your skin, and scraped off any live cells, you would be committing murder. This whole argument is absurd, because it is between a woman and her doctor. If we take away a safe medical surgery, abortions will not cease and the alternatives will be far worse.

Citation for abortion doctor who was murdered in his church:

What follows is a theological defense of abortion:

"It would have been better for that man if he had not been born" (matthew 26:24b)

'A Reluctant Defense of Abortion'
By Rev.PhD. M.E.Gillespie

Jesus' most terrible word concerning Judas was that it would have been better for him if he had not been born. This word has sent shudders down the spines of most of us. It causes us to cast about in our wondering of how many in our day Jesus might make the same judgement. We despair at how to deal with those whose inclination is to wanton violence. These wonderings lead us to speculate about possible causes of criminal mentality. Perhaps some of these causes are even prenatal.

In a recent (1982) article on bonding between mother-to-be and fetus in utero, Dr. Thomas Verny and John Kelly (authors of The Secret Life of The Unborn Child, summit books) report an intriguing case. Dr.Peter Fedor-Freybergh, professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Uppsala, Sweden reports birth of a robust and healthy baby. But surprisingly this baby refused her mother's breast. Bonding babies invariably move toward the maternal breast, but "Kristina" turned her head away. Dr.Fedor-Freybergh experimented by placing "Kristina" with another woman. "Instead of spurning the woman's breast as she had her mother's. Kristina grasped it and began sucking for all she was worth". The doctor then told "Kristina's" mother about the experiment and asked her wether she could think of anything to account for her daughter's strained behavior. The mother told him there there were no particular problems of illness during the pregnancy. Then the doctor asked wether she had wanted to get pregnant. She said "No I didn't, I wanted an abortion. My husband wanted the child. That's why I had her".

Dr.Verny believes that "Kristina" was aware of her mother's rejection long before birth. He says, "She refused to bond with her mother after birth because her mother refused to bond with her before it. Kristina has been shut out emotionally in the womb and now, though barely four days old, she was determined to protect herself from the mother in any way she could".

We may not be as sure as Dr.Verny is that the child in utero "knows" wether it is wanted or unwanted. but we can readily believe that the new born begins learning quickly whether the world is a friendly place and loving place. If they ingest love with their first swallows of milk, they will later have little difficulty in believing that God is love. And they will not hesitate when the Son of God invites them to discipleship.

Similarly, the young who learns so quickly that they are unwanted may never be able to know a loving God. Like their father Judas, they may be attracted to Jesus if they believe that's where things are happening. But we must not be too surprised if they are constitutionally incapable of responding to Jesus' love. They may not be able to respond to love if they were cheated out of their birthright. The birthright of every child is the right to be a wanted child.

Society may be wrong to compel women to bear unwanted children. The prospect of abortion is not very happy, but the prospect of inflicting unwanted people upon themselves and upon society is far more dreadful. Abortion must be available, along with other means of birth control and counseling, in hopes of reducing the number of unwanted births.

There will always be some, but we should hope to keep to a minimum the number of whom Jesus will say, "It would have been better for that man if he had not been born".

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