Saturday, February 12, 2011

Americas Roundtable: African Diasporas in the Americas

An event which offers a profound examination of systems of oppression. 'Rethinking African Diaspora Studies' is a valuable and necessary discussion, these are the roots of modern oppression and it especially behooves all administration, students, faculty and staff to attend.

February 18, 2011, 10am-3pm, EMU Fir Room, University of Oregon

10am - The Black Anti-Integration Movement in Topeka, KS, 1941-1955 (Charise Cheney, Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies, University of Oregon)

11am - Á Brasileira: Notes Towards a Racial Critique of Desire (Denise Ferreira da Silva, Professor of Ethics, Queen Mary University of London)

1:30pm - Domesticating Labor and the Labor of Domesticity (Priya Kandaswamy, Assistant Professor of Women's Studies, Mills College)


Melissa Stuckey, Assistant Professor of History, University of Oregon Irmary Reyes-Santos, Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies, University of Oregon

Our goal is to foster hemispheric thinking on these important issues. This Friday will bring diverse work together to consider hemispheric blackness across various contexts and time periods. Also, the event will be connected to some undergraduate courses such as Latino Roots and African-American History.

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The Student Insurgent stands in solidarity with the critical examination of oppression and all efforts to empower diversity and multiculturalism.

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