Saturday, February 12, 2011

Blood tests reveal chemical poisoning linked to BP Disaster

By Ada McMahon and Liana Lopez
"Alarming levels of toxic chemicals from the BP disaster have entered the blood of some Gulf Coast citizens, who are showing symptoms like internal bleeding, kidney infection, muscle atrophy, pain, headaches, and bleeding from the ears. 

At a community forum last Saturday in New Orleans, Dr. Wilma Subra presented these results and more based on months of testing from the Louisiana Environmental Action Network.

Several Gulf Coast residents from the study discussed their symptoms, and expressed their fear, sadness, and outrage at the lack of health care and attention the health crisis has received.

Did BP cause this man’s seizures?

Paul Doomm, a 22 year-old from coastal Navarre Beach, Florida, was one of those to speak out. He has not yet received his blood test results, but has become wheelchair-bound since swimming in the Gulf and eating seafood this summer. He attributes his ailments, which include chronic seizures, constant headaches and pain, vertigo and partial paralysis, to the BP disaster. He says that none of the 93 doctors he’s seen in the past months have found a definitive cause. [Read more about Paul from Bridge The Gulf contributor Rocky Kistner].

Just minutes after telling his story to the crowd of roughly 100 at the First Unitarian Church in New Orleans, Paul’s eyes began to dart around in his head and the right side of his body began to seize and shake. Several men rushed to his side to help his mother carry Paul and his wheelchair off the stage. 

Panelist Cherri Foytlin broke the stunned silence. “Can we get some prayers?,” she called out, then led the room in prayer. 

For several minutes Paul embodied the health crisis facing most in the audience, and an estimated 4-5 million others across the Gulf Coast."-Houston IndyMedia

The tragedy of the Gulf Oil spill cannot be measured in gallons or billions in cleanup and containment issues. The real cost is in the plant and animal species, the livelihood of many industries and now the lives of humans. How many must become sick, die? The Insurgent Stands in solidarity with efforts of resistance to the fossil fuel industry.

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