Saturday, February 5, 2011

Communiqué: Radical Women Defending Reproductive Freedom!

Radical Women is on the frontlines for defense of reproductive rights everyday of the year. But on January 22, the anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion, we're even more likely to be on the streets. This year, three RW chapters took part in defense of women's right to control their own bodies. And the media took note! See the links below for video, photos and news reports.

--Portland RW faces down the right in Salem

--New York City RW rallies in the South Bronx

--San Francisco RW takes on the "Walk for Life" (scroll down to first slideshow)

In addition, National Radical Women issued a powerful statement on the condition of the fight for reproductive freedom.

If you want to support militant grassroots action for abortion rights, please donate to Radical Women. Your donations help us carry on the fight! Send checks to National Radical Women, 5018 Rainier Ave. S., Seattle,WA 98118 or click here to donate online.

In struggle,

Anne Slater
National Radical Women Organizer

The Student Insurgent stands in solidarity with the women across the world defend their rights and freedoms, in an effort for a safer more egalitarian world. Let all join is defending each other!

Contact at:

National Radical Women
625 Larkin St. Ste 202, San Francisco, CA 94109
Phone 415-864-1278 * Fax 415-864-0778

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