Thursday, February 10, 2011

Communique:Banner Drop in Solidarity with the Egyptian Revolution

There is an ad on the wall of a bus in Dublin it reads: Egypt- Where
it all begins.
Yesterday, Eugene’s Black Tea Society dropped a banner, in a token
gesture of support for the Egyptian Revolution , and in Solidarity
with our Comrades in the Mankato Area Activist Collective (to see
their action go to: ).
We unequivocally support the Egyptian People’s right to self-determination.
We defy all attempts to demonize their revolution, and we denounce any
attempts to suppress it.
We are all holding our breath. Will the rebel spark which ignites a
great American conflagration come from the land of the Pharaohs? Only
time will tell.

Black Tea Society

The Insurgent Stands in Solidarity the BTS and with all of Egypt's protests (that's why we have so many stories on them). Self determination for all.

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