Friday, February 11, 2011

EGYPT: Mubarak Resigns

President Mubarak has resigned!!! Power is with the people and government administration in the hands of military. The people are in the streets celebrating. This is a victory of the and a non-violent movement.

We all watch to see if the military will act in a just way and return power to the people.

The Insurgent stands in solidarity with the people pf Egypt in efforts towards self determination!

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Thomas said...


One thing though, like we saw at "End Civ" the other night, is that it was a movement based on non-violence, but some protesters did engage in some sort of violence. If only for protecting themselves and other demonstrators, some threw rocks at the thugs and the police that were trying to drive them out. No judgment here, just a hope of remembering the diverse array of people and tactics that people are using to change history.