Friday, February 11, 2011

Egypt: Protests shoe-ing the way & Military set to make pronouncement

In Egypt, the protests with hundreds of thousands is a movement of the people. The military of Egypt is unclear, stating that they will not fire on protesters, but they are not necessarily supporting them either. The military announced they will make a statement Friday, meanwhile it has begun working on a 'communiqué #1' and announced a state of permanent alert, this may signal a coup or the beginning of the military about to put down the protesters. The people remain unswayed in their call to unseat Mubarak.

"Protesters, streaming into Cairo's central Tahrir Square on Friday, have stepped up calls for the army to intervene against Mubarak, a former air force commander and one of its own.

The role of the military is seen as key in the outcome of the crisis.

An Egyptian army officer who has joined the protesters said 15 other middle-ranking officers had also gone over to the demonstrators.

"The armed forces' solidarity movement with the people has begun," Major Ahmed Ali Shouman told Reuters news agency on Friday. "Our goals and the people's are one."

Shouman said the officers would address the crowd after Friday midday prayers.

The army, sent onto the streets after police withdrew following their failure to crush protesters on January 28, has promised not to fire on demonstrators."- AlJazeera

"History may later decide that the army's lack of faith in Mubarak effectively lost his presidency after three decades of dictatorship, secret police torture and government corruption. Confronted by even greater demonstrations on the streets of Egypt today, even the army could not guarantee the safety of the nation. Yet for Mubarak's opponents, today will not be a day of joy and rejoicing and victory but a potential bloodbath."-FPIF

"Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak refused to step down Thursday, saying in a nationally televised speech that he would hand authority to his vice president in a move that enraged and bewildered hundreds of thousands of protesters packed into Cairo's Tahrir Square."-LA Times

"To the horror of Egyptians and the world, President Hosni Mubarak – haggard and apparently disoriented – appeared on state television last night to refuse every demand of his opponents by staying in power for at least another five months. The Egyptian army, which had already initiated a virtual coup d'état, was nonplussed by the President's speech which had been widely advertised – by both his friends and his enemies – as a farewell address after 30 years of dictatorship. The vast crowds in Tahrir Square were almost insane with anger and resentment.

Even as Mubarak was still speaking, the millions in Tahrir Square roared their anger and fury and disbelief. Of course, the millions of courageous Egyptians who fought the whole apparatus of state security run by Mubarak should have been the victors. But as yesterday afternoon's events proved all too clearly, it was the senior generals – who enjoy the luxury of hotel chains, shopping malls, real estate and banking concessions from the same corrupt regime – who permitted Mubarak to survive. At an ominous meeting of the Supreme Council of the Egyptian Armed Forces, Defence Minister Mohamed Tantawi – one of Mubarak's closest friends – agreed to meet the demands of the millions of democracy protesters, without stating that the regime would itself be dissolved. Mubarak himself, commander-in-chief of the army, was not permitted to attend."-FPIF

Many movement members are showing the bottoms of their shoes to Mubarak, a sign of disrespect. The Student Insurgent wonders wow long before Mubarak falls? In Solidarity with the Egyptian People.

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