Saturday, February 26, 2011

Eugene community has formed: Anti-Racist Action group, 'Emerald City Antifa'

Eugene activists have formed an Anit-Racist Action group, to combat recent neo-nazi/White supremacist activity. Emerald City Antifa sent out this communiqué:

"unsavory characters have recently been spotted frequenting the Wandering Goat Coffee Company, a local counterculture hangout. Other white supremacists have been harassing people in the Whitaker neighborhood. There have also been multiple accounts of Neo-Nazis stopping outside of the Wandering Goat and giving the Nazi "Roman Salute" to customers.

If you see them, or any other boneheads, let them know that Fascists are not welcome in our community. Together we are strong.

If you have any information about Jimmy Marr or other Fascist activity in Eugene, please contact the Eugene chapter of the Anti-Racist Action Network:"

The Student Insurgent stands in Solidarity with Emerald City Antifa. Defense of community is fundamental to keeping healthy living spaces for all and encourages anyone with information on racist activity to contact them at the email above.

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