Saturday, February 5, 2011

Eugene IWW Plans 'Free Speech Week'

The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW or 'Wobblies' for short), is planning to commemorate the 1909 West Coast free speech fight. Where IWW members from Portland rode a train south towards California, making stops along the way to unite working people everywhere! The 1909 Wobblies were fairly successful, until they arrived in the Eugene station and were thrown from the cars. But instead of give up, they marched through the siskiyous into California. This trek to fight for their own freedom and the freedom of all people to organize is being honored in several events in Eugene

Movie Showing:
Berkeley in the 60's
Tuesday, February 15, at 7:30pm- Maitreya Buddhist Center: 55 W.Broadway in Eugene.

Free Speech Soap Box:
Open Forum Soap Box,
Wednesday, February 16th, at 2:30pm- Eugene Train Station: 4th and Willamette in Eugene.

Come check out these events! The Student Insurgent stands in Solidarity with the IWW and all workers with their organizations of empowerment. Solidarity Forever!


Scott said...

Big Bill,
This is the coolest thing I've heard of. You Wobs rock!
Yours for the OBU, Joe Hill

Big Bill said...

Dear Joe,
Thanks! It's been a while since I heard your singing. We have got to do more events together!