Friday, February 11, 2011

Fascists, Neo-Nazis In Eugene Get Out

The disbanded 'Pacifica Forum' have begun reorienting themselves with other hate activities and there are rumors of a Volksfront chapter starting.

The latest information is below:
Jimmy Marr: Member, National Socialist Movement (NSM- formerly American Nazi Party). Seen frequenting the Wandering Goat Cafe.

Four Neo-Nazis reported driving a pickup through the Whiteaker, in brown uniforms with swastikas and shouting racist slogans.

Barry Sommers: trying to host an 'Islam 101' course at the University of Oregon- a deeply racist and mis-informative course Sommers is not teaching as a faculty member, he is trying to reserve rooms and make open lectures. He made an earlier attempt at Lane Community College and was rejected.

Billy Rojas: hosting a 'information table' with Sommers, their literature is full of bigotry and thir premise is that all of Islam is a violent religion. This table was at the saturday market, during the on-season.

Other reports:
Released from prison, a Volksfront member is allegedly trying to form a chapter in Springfield, OR.

The Insurgent stands in solidarity with efforts to defend a community and drive out White Supremacists/Neo-Nazis. We don't need bigotry, we need solidarity.

To report white supremacist activity in the region of Lane County- email:

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