Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fashion Resistance to Militarism Fashion Show

A fashion show to challenge to status quo. This is the second annual critical analysis of the fashion industry and how the industries of oppression weave their way into daily live. By deconstructing the myths violent imagery, the show challenges the social dictates and influence of social injustice in our lives.

Agate Hall
When: Friday, February 25, at 7pm
This fashion show is all about how the military is influencing the fashion industry. The show will uncover the high costs of militarism in terms of people’s lives, emotional wellbeing, environmental contamination, carbon footprint, war profiteering, and all the ways war is made to seem normal. Each design will be paired with an informative script; together they will tell a wider story about militarism and “counter couture” for peace and justice.

The Insurgent stands in Solidarity with the resistance to the dominant oppressive culture of militarism.

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