Thursday, February 24, 2011

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The Israel palestine conflict can hardly be discussed without hackles going up. This is highlighted by an Israeli crackdown this afternoon killing dozens of Palestinians, which resulted in a (singular) rocket to be launched into (without guidance of any kind) Israeli territory. A speaker on the subject even beginning to suggest that Israeli and Palestinian Violence being anywhere near comparable is ludicrous.

Governing by popular demand, from Tunisia, to Egypt, Libya, Yemen, to Bolivia, to Madison- Wisconsin. The power of popular protest, can now safely be asserted as a power of popular governance.

In Yemen the government is falling apart, the senior leaders are resigning. Protest continue to grow each day.

Libya is still in uproar, cities have fallen to protesters and the government has turned to the most despicable violence, of shooting anyone in public in the capital city. Resisters now occupy: Cyrenaica, Misurata, "Other towns that appear to no longer be under Gaddafi's control include Derna and Bayda, among others across the country's east.

Soldiers in the cities controlled by the protesters have switched sides, filling the void and no longer supporting Gaddafi's government. In a statement posted on the internet, army officers stationed in Misurata pledged their "total support" for the protesters."-AlJazeera

In Mexico Protesters are gunned down.

In Brazil there is an economic policy of local people budgeting their municipalities. In a Chicago ward, this practice is being adopted.

The Local University of Oregon's Food Justice Confrense last weekend, highlights the growing and justified concern about food politics- what is grown, how it is grown, who is growing it, where it is grown, what the treatment of the growers are, how much energy goes into growing, transporting and consuming food, Etc. These questions, so essential to our health are being asked the whole world over.

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