Tuesday, February 1, 2011

If you care about the forest get ready to do some tree sits!

The word from the esteemed boughs to the Great Douglas Firs of the Western Cascades:

The Forests are sacred, a part of the land and home of profound center, holding spiritual value. They retain a strong symbolism to as a sign of the health of the region, cutting them is disrespectful to the idea of healthy environment. Outside the deep aesthetic and cultural value, the Pacific Northwest's great trees help to be a great carbon sink, a sequestering force of toxic chemicals, buried in the boughs and in the roots. Cutting the trees has far longer consequences than the initial cut, but the stumps and desecrated land continue to release toxins long after the cut. The trees form a critical element in soil retention, ecosystem balance and the presence of large forests are fundamental in the process of wildlife habitat and species diversity.

Do you know what you are losing?

The Trapper land sale in Oregon is still in negotiations, if the companies move forward to log this Spotted Owl habitat, they can "expect resistance". The Company executives have been warned in a seasonal greeting. The forest a pristine ecosystem has been the subject of great debate. But will be defended.

But the Trapper sale is not the only one to be be coming up and logging happens year round.

As any stories come up the Insurgent will continue to update and put out the calls to action. For all the many who have sacrificed so much already, know that we stand with you and honor your devotion to the sacred grounds of this world. Solidarity!

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