Friday, February 25, 2011

Libya & the cries of a desperate man.

The Libyan dictator Gaddafi, has begun making absurd assertions, that he is only a figure head and so ha cannot be held accountable for every horrendous decision. Also he makes pleas to the West, claiming the protests are fueled by the drug trade and Al-Qaeda. Maybe he is seeking aid from the US with a coded pleas against the international polices the US opposes. It is unclear what Gaddafi is thinking, but it is clear he is losing power, with his military engaging an all-out assault in secessionist towns. While making wild pleas of more money for public-sector employees, to stop the protests.

"Gaddafi argued that he was a purely "symbolic" leader with no real political power, and that citizens had "no reason to complain whatsoever". Libya's leader, has said that al-Qaeda is responsible for the uprising against him. He hinted that he would be prepared to raise salaries, but warned that protesters would be tried in the country's courts...On Friday, state television announced that every family in Libya would receive 500 dinars ($400), and that wages for some categories of public sector workers would increase by 150 per cent."-Al Jazeera

Meanwhile the resigned government officials are forming a counter-regime movement. "intensive discussions are under way between defected Libyan political leaders, including ambassadors and ministers who have stepped down, to form a political body to lead the country"-Al Jazeera.

The Libyan government has sent out mercenaries against it's people killing anyone in the streets of the capital and now trying to fight back against the growing resistance near Tripoli "Forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi were yesterday said to be launching fierce counter-attacks as the Libyan uprising edged closer to the capital... Gaddafi also showed every sign of marshalling thousands of mercenaries, many from sub-Saharan Africa, and irregular forces to defend his redoubt in Tripoli, which also appeared to remain in a state of lockdown. Witnesses said that thousands of these forces were massing on roads to the capital.

One suggested that the scenes were reminiscent of Somalia with gangs of armed men in makeshift uniforms brandishing machine-guns, and unlike police, military units and army officers who have defected to join the protesters, were apparently willing to carry out the dictator's threat on Wednesday to defend the regime to "the last drop of blood"- The Independent.

Even though Libya is in a state of uncertainty, supporting this dictator will not bring stability warns a major advocacy agency "the democracy-versus-stability debate rests on a false dichotomy. Backing dictators, especially now, does not necessarily lead to more stability...This diverse, complex group, [of new leadership] which is not on the U.S. terror group list, is hard to paint into an ideological corner – it has both conservatives and progressives, often cooperates with other opposition groups, and abandoned violence and committed itself to the democratic process long ago. This is not yesterday’s Brotherhood...It would also likely split into two or more political parties if legalized... [and] that their actions are based on political incentives. When they participate in elections, they moderate their views, since religious extremism isn’t a winning electoral strategy. "-FPIF.

The Student Insurgent supports the idea of uprisings around the world, the practice of creating self-determination and the principles of human rights. As with any uncertain and changing situation there is a peril of a worse outcome, but more brightly shines the promise of a better world, a better day-to-day existence and how can anyone in any Western country deny this promise to any of the people's of the world? How long should people wait under oppression, how many unnecessary deaths must occur, before the promise for a better world can be chanced? If we say wait, we are really saying go on suffering; if we say hold back, we are really saying the oppression over you is acceptable. Oppression is not acceptable. Solidarity Forever.

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