Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Meeting to Stop the Korea FTA

A meeting to oppose the Korean Free Trade Agreement- which will hurt both Korea and the United States, allowing the export of relatively ethical jobs from the US and transformed to oppressive non-market competitive employment situations in Korea. This purposal mirrors NAFTA and CAFTA, both of which destroy stable US jobs and disrupt international markets, expanding only the modes of exploitation.

When: 5:30pm, Thur, Feb. 10 - THIS IS A WEEKLY MEETING TIME
Where: AFSCME Bldg. at 7th & Charnelton
Anyone with the intention of helping to stop the Korea FTA is welcome. This meeting is not sponsored or organized by any particular group, but rather initiated by concerned individuals gathering to plan next steps as this 'free trade' agreement (FTA). Folks in Portland and elsewhere are also gathering to plan stuff there.

Agenda will consist of picking up where we left off last meeting, and there has been progress made. Anyone is welcome to propose a new agenda item, with the consent of the rest of the group in attendance.

News: Wyden's office - his labor advisor in Portland is coming to Eugene to meet with folks.

To stop the Korea FTA and other bad trade deals.

Because of the failure of NAFTA and CAFTA, the Student Insurgent stands in solidarity will all resistance movements to oppose this economic injustice.

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